Daniella Chavez Sits On A Table With Her Knees Spread Open In A Sultry Swimsuit Shot

Daniella ChavezInstagram

Daniella Chavez brought some serious heat to her Instagram page on Thursday with a steamy swimsuit look that had her followers drooling over her hotness. The busty babe slipped into a low-cut white bathing suit that was an ultra-snug fit on her shapely chest, teasing her voluptuous assets through the clingy fabric. The look was so revealing that several of her fans were left wondering whether the Chilean smokeshow had pierced her nipples. The 33-year-old Playboy model showed off the sexy one-piece as she hopped up on a table, sending sultry vibes all over her feed.

“Absolutely gorgeous woman,” one fan commented on the spicy Instagram photo, which reeled in more than 42,000 likes in the first hour of being uploaded onto the platform.

The overwhelming show of appreciation was definitely on point, as Daniella looked sensational in the cheeky swimwear. The flattering pool item accentuated her taut waistline and was tight enough to show her ripped abs. The one-piece sported thick straps that tied behind her neck, framing her ample décolletage. The swimsuit was also very high-cut, baring the model’s round hips.

The blond bombshell sat on a white table in a sun-lit room. The hottie had her knees spread open, flaunting her strong thighs and perfect hourglass curves. An elegant bouquet of white and red flowers rested beside her on the table, displayed in a clear vase. The detail brought a splash of color to the simple, cream-toned interior, adding femininity and sophistication to the racy shot. Daniella did not look into the camera. Instead, she gazed down at her curvaceous figure. The stunner slightly turned her head to the side, parting her lips in a provocative way as she coquettishly brushed her hair behind her ear.

The South-American knockout was all dolled up for the shoot, rocking a glossy peach lipstick that called attention to her plump lips. Daniella matched her shimmering eyeshadow to her swimsuit and rocked a winged eyeliner and lavish faux eyelashes. Her glam was complete with a discreet peach blush and a bit of highlighter under her eyes.

The stunning model wore her golden tresses down and parted in the center. Her locks traced the contour of her bosom as they fell over her shoulder, luring the gaze to her buxom curves. The sizzling blonde accessorized with a classy nude manicure and added a bit of bling with a drop-down, stud, and cuff earring, which she wore on the same ear.

Daniella penned a light-hearted caption in Spanish about her routine in self-isolation, listing her 10 “most used phrases during quarantine.” Top of the list was “I’m hungry,” which the Playboy hottie put in four times. Other entries were “I don’t want to see the news anymore” and “What time do we have dinner?”

The upload was an instant hit with her fans and went on to amass more than 68,800 likes and nearly 760 comments in the space of two hours. While the majority of comments were also in Spanish, some of Daniella’s English-speaking followers chimed in as well.

“Spectacular and every day more beautiful!!!” gushed one Instagram user, in a message trailed by a long string of heart emoji.

“Keep the selfies coming,” another fan requested, adding a winking-face emoji to their comment.