Jesse Eisenberg Is Using An RV To Shelter-In-Place As He Travels Across The U.S.

On Wednesday, Jesse Eisenberg made a virtual appearance from home on an episode of Conan. During the segment, the show's host, Conan O'Brien, made a comment that Eisenberg seemed to be in a bunker. As it turns out, the actor was in an RV traveling with his family across the Midwest, according to E! Online.

Eisenberg was in Los Angeles for work when social distancing and shelter-in-place guidelines were ordered due to the coronavirus pandemic. The actor lives in Indiana with his wife and son. The family rented the RV to safely social distance as they travel across the country. Eisenberg explained they wanted to avoid travel by airplane on their return trip home, so they chose to drive across the country instead.

"We're trying to get back to Indiana help out at my mother-in-law's domestic violence shelter, who are losing their volunteers because their volunteers are college students," Eisenberg said on Conan. "So, we're trying to get back to help out there, and we feel, like, you know, totally helpless."

Rather than jump into the details of Eisenberg's two new movie releases, Conan questioned Eisenberg about his RV experience. Conan commented that the audio and video coming in from the RV were "sketchy," but the pair pushed through the 14-minute segment. While Conan felt like he was "talking to an astronaut in 1962," the host and guest were able to laugh about the unfortunate Wi-Fi for the virtual appearance. Conan primarily wanted to know what life was like in the RV and how the vehicle was holding up for the family of three.

"It's 99.9% perfect. And there's…actually one thing wrong in this entire thing, which is the valve for the human waste is the one thing that's not functioning well," Eisenberg said.

The Social Network star had joked that things always go wrong with cars or houses and that an RV is a combination of the two. Clearly, he had expected a lot more to go wrong than a single valve. Eisenberg claimed to handle stress and tough situations well, so the crisis and one-off malfunction have not phased him. However, he did note that he does not have the skills to fix the valve.

Those sheltering in place with a strong internet connection can now stream Eisenberg's two new movies, Resistance and Vivarium. Resistance is available on Amazon Prime and Vudu streaming services. Vivarium can also be found on Amazon Prime and Vudu as well as YouTube and Google Play. The price to stream the movies ranges from $5.99 to $6.99.