'The Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Returns To Alabama After A Couple Of Cozy Weeks With Tyler Cameron In Florida

The Bachelorette fans have spent the last couple of weeks excitedly watching social media to see glimpses of Hannah Brown with Tyler Cameron together at his home in Jupiter, Florida. Hannah and Tyler have not told fans exactly what the status of their relationship has been in recent weeks. Despite that, they have a lot of people rooting for them to give their romance another try. Now, however, things have changed and people aren't sure what to make of it.

Hannah recently traveled to Florida to join Tyler, his brother Ryan, his best friend Matt James, and a few others as they quarantined at the Cameron family home. This trip came shortly after she spent time with Tyler in Florida when he and his family held a memorial service for his mother.

After Hannah went back to Jupiter, "The Quarantine Crew" started posting a lot to social media showing their various shenanigans. "Tannah" fans got plenty of glimpses of The Bachelorette duo together and seeming cozy.

Now, however, Hannah is back in Alabama where her parents still live. In a series of Instagram stories on Wednesday night, The Bachelorette star shared some updates. She noted that she had made it back to Alabama and she said that she hasn't been at her best for the past few days.

Hannah explained that she had slept most of the day and had been doing a lot of eating recently. She didn't share specifics regarding what seemed to have her feeling so distressed, but she noted that she had basically boycotted the past several days.

The Bachelorette star did indicate that she was going to try to pull things back together again beginning on Thursday. For starters, Hannah shared that she would be doing an Instagram Live session on Thursday where she would be dancing again with her Dancing with the Stars partner Alan Bersten.

What prompted Hannah to head back to Alabama rather than stick around Florida with Tyler and the Quarantine Crew? Matt shared via his Instagram stories on Wednesday that Hannah had decided to ride out the rest of the coronavirus situation back in Alabama with her family, and that's as much as The Bachelorette fans have been told at this point.

Are Hannah and Tyler still on good terms? Did they start dating and are they still together, or did things already sour? Have they really just been good friends all this time? The Bachelorette fans can't do anything more than speculate at the moment, but people will certainly be watching social media for additional clues and details in the days ahead.