Tom Schwartz Apologizes For Insulting Wife Katie Maloney During Drunken Rampage On ‘Vanderpump Rules’

The TomTom co-owner said day drinking is 'a recipe for disaster' in his relationship.

Andy Cohen, Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Tom Schwartz in screenshot

The TomTom co-owner said day drinking is 'a recipe for disaster' in his relationship.

Tom Schwartz says he was “out of line” for the way he spoke to his wife Katie Maloney on the most recent episode of Vanderpump Rules. The Bravo star and TomTom co-owner publicly apologized to his wife of three years during an at-home edition of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

On Cohen’s late-night show, several Vanderpump Rules couples appeared live from their California homes to recap the “Prank Wars” episode of their reality show. The episode featured Schwartz publicly shaming his wife during Jax Taylor’s 40th birthday party.

As he sat next to Katie in their Valley Village home for the WWHL taping, Schwartz admitted his behavior was unacceptable.

“Way out of line, way douche-y,” Schwartz said. “I was hammered. We’d been drinking all day, which is usually a recipe for disaster within the confines of our relationship.”

Schwartz went on to explain that Katie’s response to a prank involving a fake police arrest that night set him off.

“I don’t know, it’s something about the way she responded that rubbed me the wrong way,” Schwartz said. “I know I was wrong — but at that moment I saw her as the embodiment of a YouTube commenter, recreational outrage.”

Schwartz then directed his attention to Katie.

“I’m so sorry! I’m sorry, I love you. I was way out of line,” he said.

On Twitter, Schwartz also posted a description of the Vanderpump Rules episode that landed him in hot water with his wife. Schwartz included the words “regret” and “ahole mode (me)” in his post.

In the shocking Vanderpump Rules scene, Tom told Katie to “shut up” after she objected to the cop car prank spearheaded by Randall Emmett, and Tom accused her of “ruining” the fun for the rest of the group. Schwartz then angrily told his wife he had “never been more turned off” by her in his life before announcing, “That’s why I don’t have sex with her.”

Tom went on to call Katie a “moron,” “idiot” and “so gross” as Bravo’s cameras rolled. In a confessional, Katie compared Tom’s rant to their epic blowout last season in Mexico, except this time he did it in front of all of their friends.

Schwartz’s bad behavior had Vanderpump Rules fans up-in-arms. On social media, fans of the show called the reality star out for his verbal abuse and urged the couple to get counseling.

On Watch What Happens Live, Schwartz said it took Katie a couple of days to come around after the fight.