Niece Waidhofer Dresses Up As A Sexy Devil With Red Streaks In Her Hair For A New Photo

Niece Waidhofer takes a selfie
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Niece Waidhofer is continuing her trend of dressing up in sexy outfits to keep herself and her followers entertained during the quarantine. For her latest snap, the Instagram vixen channeled her inner devil while wearing a black leather corset with glittering red accents, red devil horns, and adding red extensions to her dark hair. It also appeared like she may have been wearing small black wings.

The hottie held her iPhone camera above her head and angled it down at her busty chest so her 1.6 million Instagram followers could get a fantastic look at her stupendous cleavage. To add to her overall devilish vibe, Niece wore red-colored contacts, or she edited them after taking the photo. She toyed with a strand of her dark hair while smoldering into the camera lens.

Her front-clasping corset with buckles not only accentuated her voluptuous chest, but it defined her narrow torso and waist. Aside from her horn, Niece also accessorized her outfit with a black choker. She groomed her eyebrows and lined her eyes with eyeliner. Niece also thickened her lashes with mascara and used a little bronzer to define her cheekbones. She left her hair loose, letting it cascade down her shoulders, the red extensions popped against her dark outfit.

The stunner posed in front of the white bedroom wall of her Houston, Texas home. She stood in front of a light-up white tree near her window.

The image proved to be a success with her many admirers. In less than four hours, her latest share racked up over 52,300 likes and almost 1,000 comments. Fans went wild over her sultry snap. Many of them thought her self-deprecating caption was hilarious. In it, Niece joked about doing “literally anything” to avoid revealing that she is “0% natural beauty.”

One person even said that Niece looked like a video game character and recommended that she find someone to hire her to star as a game protagonist in the future.

“[L]ove the self deprecating humor. I always look forward to your posts,” wrote one fan, they also inserted a laughing emoji to their remark.

“MORE COLORED HAIR!!!!!! You look SOOO good with it!!” raved another admirer.

“You are so unbelievably beautiful and sexy gorgeous eyes beautiful smile,” said a third user.

“The sexy devil you are!! An beautiful!” chimed in a fourth person.

Yesterday, Niece shared a naughty pic of herself lifting up her top to flash her busty assets and plunging cleavage while wearing a pastel blue wig.