'Fuller House' Stars Freak Out As John Stamos Reveals He Scored The Most Iconic Prop From The Tanner House

John Stamos owns an iconic piece of Fuller House memorabilia. The actor shared a photo to Instagram to reveal that he owns the famous blue plaid couch from the beloved sitcom.

Stamos posted a photo that shows his adorable son Billy standing by the recognizable piece of furniture, which is being used to barricade the toddler from getting down the stairs. In the caption to the pic, Stamos asked fans if the photo was a pic of a baby gate or one of the "most iconic" sofas in television history.

It didn't take long for Stamos' Fuller House co-stars to weigh on on his amazing piece of memorabilia.

"I don't know what it is John, but it comforts me," wrote Bog Saget, aka patriarch Danny Tanner.

"You got it?! Not Bob?" Saget's TV daughter, Candace Cameron Bure, asked Stamos of the famous couch.

Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner on the show, also seemed stunned by the revelation, while co-star Andrea Barber (aka Kimmy Gibbler) jokingly called Stamos a "thief."

Dave Coulier had the best response as he told Stamos, "A lot of my farts are still in that couch."

Coulier, who played Joey Gladstone on the show, also revealed that when production on the Netflix reboot wrapped last year he got the famous "alcove" from the Tanner home as well as Manny the mannequin, the puppet seen in Uncle Joey's room that was often dressed like him.

Of course, Stamos scored the best souvenir by far even though his character was never the official owner of the Tanner family's San Francisco townhouse.

The signature country-style couch seemingly made it through a couple of generations of the Tanner family. The sofa was seen in the original Full House series, which aired on ABC for eight seasons from 1987- 1995. When the Fuller House reboot made its debut on Netflix in 2016, a replica of the famous couch was the centerpiece of the living room as a widowed DJ Tanner-Fuller (Cameron Bure) moved into her family home to raise her kids after the death of her husband.

Speaking of Cameron Bure's character, the actress actually made away with a classic piece of her character's childhood when the original series wrapped more than two decades ago. Cameron Bure told In Style that she actually owns a few mementos from the original Tanner house.

"I actually had DJ's pillow pet for a long time, but sadly my dog ate it," the Fuller House star told InStyle. "Fortunately, I have some other souvenirs from the set, although most are in storage at the moment."