Hoda Kotb Opens Up About Missing Her Elderly Mother In Quarantine

Helen Storms

On Wednesday, Today Show's Hoda Kotb opened up about how much she is missing her elderly mother Sami who is currently in quarantine. While Sami does not have the coronavirus at this point, her age makes her more susceptible which means social distancing, even from family members, is a must. While Hoda longs for their separation to be over, she knows this is what is best for her mother right now, according to Today.

Flattening the curve is accomplishing by physical distancing oneself even from those they love for their own protection. While it is important for the safety of everyone and particularly the vulnerable members of society, the separation can take a major toll emotionally.

"My mom is such an important part of our lives. It's underscored in this moment," Hoda said of her mother's current absence in her life.

Hoda's father died when she was in college so Sami is all alone in quarantine. Nevertheless, she is keeping a positive outlook on life and enjoying the small, simple things in life, Hoda explained.

"I was just thinking about the people who are all by themselves. I've got to tell you, my mom is staying so positive. She's by herself at home, but she's like, 'Hey, look, I'm outside at the water!' Like she's by herself taking selfies, and there's nobody around her. She talks about how beautiful the water is. She says she brings her coffee with her in the mug I gave her, and she'll take a picture of it."

"It's like we've got to make sure that we are always in close touch," she said.

Today Show viewers have seen the emotional toll the pandemic has taken on Hoda over the last several weeks. On Friday, she broke down in tears on air after an emotional interview with Drew Brees regarding how hard her beloved hometown of New Orleans had been hit by the coronavirus. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Brees donated $5 million to the state of Louisiana to help fight the spread of this deadly virus.