Ina Garten Makes Massive Cosmopolitan In Morning Cocktail Hour Instagram Post

In a comical Instagram post at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, April 1, Ina Garten taught her followers how to make a coronavirus crisis-sized drink. The beloved Barefoot Contessa television host and celebrity chef let her humor take center stage in the video filmed from her home kitchen.

Wearing a navy blue button-down blouse with her signature popped collar, the chef walked her fans through her favorite Cosmopolitan recipe.

Garten opens her video by explaining the importance of traditions during stressful times and claims the cocktail hour as her favorite. She starts with an exceptionally large pitcher, justifying it with the idea of making enough for everyone, including unexpected guests.

"Wait a minute. No one's stopping by," Garten adds with a laugh.

She goes on to add two cups of high-quality vodka, which the recipe calls for. In the video, Garten simply empties what's left of a bottle of Grey Goose vodka into the pitcher. Next, is one cup of orange liqueur such as Cointreau or Triple Sec. Again, the chef empties the bottle without a drop left. Lastly is a cup of cranberry juice and half a cup of fresh-squeezed lime juice.

After combining the liquor and mixers, she pours the contents of the pitcher into an extra-large shaker filled halfway with ice. Garten explains the cocktail needs to be shaken for 30 seconds.

"You have lots of time. It's not a problem," Garten says. "During a crisis, you know, almost any hour can be cocktail hour."

Before pouring the cocktail, Garten also claims the martini glass is also very important when preparing a Cosmo. Next, she brings a very large martini glass into frame. More than half of the original pitcher's contents are poured into the glass.

"Stay safe, have a very good time and don't forget the cocktails," Garten says as she takes a sip.

Garten, who has more than 2 million Instagram followers, has received tons of responses and comments. Some feedback even came from other celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and fellow celebrity chef Giada DeLaurentis too.

Jokes aside, Garten has been posting frequently to Instagram throughout the coronavirus crisis, offering tips for home cooks everywhere.

She has shared some of her favorite recipes that are freezer-friendly as well as dishes made from pantry staples, from lentils and pastas to chicken stock and frittatas. She even suggested a toaster waffle slathered with peanut butter and jelly as a low-prep meal for cooks in need of a break.