Anna Katharina Shreds Abs In Gray Sports Bra & Black Leggings: ‘Getting Creative With Your Workouts’

Anna Katharina showed off her strong abs in a new workout video on Instagram recently. Her fans appreciated her creative workout amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has left many people throughout the United States and around the world practicing social distancing to stop the spread of the virus.

In the video, Anna was outside in a green area surrounded by various tropical trees and shrubs, as well as a running trail. She worked out using a small orange stability ball laid atop a light-colored blanket while others enjoyed the walking path in the distance.

The model wore a gray racerback sports bra with a neon green Bang Energy logo on it. She paired that with high-waisted black workout leggings that covered part of her feet, and aside from that, her feet were bare. The outfit showcased her flat stomach and incredibly toned arms and shoulders.

The blond bombshell wore her long hair in a high ponytail as she completed various moves to work out her core. She appeared to have on some shimmery eye shadow and black mascara during the clip, and she left her generous lips nude.

Anna used the small orange ball to do a series of different types of situps as she worked out her abs from multiple angles. The fitness model noted that during the coronavirus pandemic, workouts have to be even more creative. She let her followers know that the small orange ball is her favorite to use to work out her core. Nearly 9,000 Instagram users viewed the workout video, and more than 1,600 shared the love by hitting the “like” button. Plus, dozens left replies in the comments section praising the model’s commitment to working out.

“Be careful and stay safe, Gorgeous,” cautioned one fan who also left two black heart emoji with the comment.

“So much harder than it looks!” a second follower praised, noting that the intense core workout is not an easy one.

“You have the best abs I’ve seen,” praised a third devotee of the fitness model.

“Hard work equals great abs…..very nice,” a fourth Instagram user noted, including three flame emoji indicating that the workout and the model’s look were hot.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Anna shared a sexy photograph of herself wearing a bikini from Fashion Nova while sitting in a hammock, which her Instagram followers loved. In the post, the model noted that she’s barely hanging in there using a clever play on words.