April 1, 2020
'Vanderpump Rules' Fans React To Tom Schwartz's Shocking Fight With Wife Katie Maloney

Vanderpump Rules fans are reacting to Tom Schwartz's nasty fight with his wife, Katie Maloney-Schwartz. On the most recent episode of the Bravo reality show, the TomTom co-owner publicly lashed out at his wife of three years following her reaction to a prank, and some viewers think he went too far.

The drama started after Randall Emmett hired fake police officers to crash a group birthday party and arrest Tom Sandoval for "vandalism." While most of the Vanderpump Rules stars thought the prank was funny, Katie didn't see anything amusing about seeing a friend handcuffed and put into the back of a police car.

But Schwartz wasn't having any of his wife's negativity. After telling Katie to "shut up," Tom told her she was "ruining a great moment."

"Nobody gives a sh*t about your opinion," Schwartz told his wife, per E! News. "I've never been more turned off in my life."

He also announced to the group, "That's why I don't have sex with her."

Tom went on to call Katie a "moron," an "idiot," and "so gross" in front of all of their friends.

While Tom Sandoval and Beau Clark tried to step in to warn Schwartz not to talk that way about his wife, he wasn't having it.

In a confessional, Katie noted that Tom hadn't spoken to her in such an aggressive way since last year's disastrous cast trip to Mexico, but this time he was "being mean and degrading" in front of all of their friends.

Following the episode, Vanderpump Rules fans had a lot to say about Schwartz's "disgusting" behavior. In comments on Katie's Instagram page, some viewers said they would never be able to forgive him for the things he said to his wife.

"The way Tom spoke to you was really hard to watch," one Vanderpump Rules fan wrote to Katie. "I hope you know that you shouldn't ever have to put up with that."

Others told Katie she deserves so much better.

"The way Tom spoke to you was disgusting and abusive," another wrote.

Some viewers said the Vanderpump Rules stars should be in couple's therapy to address the verbal abuse and their other issues. Others pointed out that Tom and Katie have had problems for years, and some suggested if they are unhappy together, they should end their marriage now.

Tom and Katie appeared on a remote version of Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live with their Vanderpump Rules castmates after the show. Tom admitted that he went on a "mini apology tour" after the argument, but said he was able to bring Katie around after a couple of days.