John Legend Shares Adorable Family Pajama Party Pic To Instagram

John Legend shared a sweet family pajama party pic to Instagram, showing how he, wife Chrissy Teigen, and children Luna and Miles have been spending their days indoors during the current world health crisis. The family have been lounging in their sleepwear and trying to make the best of a difficult situation as they self-isolate as much as possible.

John posted the image to his social media page where the clan of four can be seen seated together on a comfy sofa.

The Voice coach appears to be taking the photo. Seated next to John is Miles, followed by Chrissy, and finally, Luna on the other side of her mother.

John called his family gathering a "board meeting" in the caption of the cute post.

The EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony)-winner is wearing a dark-colored, long-sleeved shirt in the pic. Miles is holding a lollipop and wearing a red short-sleeved pajama top. He doesn't look pleased that his daddy is taking the photo as Chrissy tries to console him by affectionately tousling his hair. Miles is covered by a tan, fuzzy blanket that is also behind his dad.

Chrissy looks divine in a glamorous peach-colored long-sleeved robe that ties at the waist. The robe is adorned with a pattern of orange blossoms and dark leaves. Chrissy's hair is up in a topknot, pulled away from her face, and she appears to be sans makeup.

Finally, Luna looks like a little princess in her light-colored ruffled nightgown. She too is enjoying a sweet treat like her brother, and her face is adorable as she leans in to her mother, her hands atop Chrissy's thigh.

The living room boasts stunning wood floors and oversized furniture, perfect for the clan to spend some quality time with one another. Behind the couple and their children is a stunning, dark wood dining set with a coordinating rug beneath it.

Fans adored the sweet image. They thanked the couple for showing how they are parenting as they attempt to keep their family indoors and safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Miles clearly objects to the family decision to hold this meeting," said one fan who took notice of how the little boy did not seem to want to be photographed.

"My kitchen is the teachers' lounge these days," remarked a second follower of The Voice coach.

"God bless you, John and Chrissy. You have a great family," noted a third fan.