Emma Hernan Teases Cleavage With Unzipped Black Bra: 'Not Sure What Day It Is'

Emma Hernan teased her fans with a new post on Instagram, where she showed off a massive amount of cleavage and encouraged people to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In the picture, Emma sat on a brown, tufted footstool with her legs spread apart. The model wore a black bra, which she had unzipped until the zipper barely held on, spilling her ample cleavage over the top as a treat for viewers. Over the top of that, she wore a deep v-neck tank-style leotard with highcut legs. The garment showed off a hint of her flat stomach and her curvy hips while accenting her small waist. Emma paired the skimpy outfit with knee-high, snakeskin cowboy boots in shades of black, gray, and white. For an accessory, the model rapped an intricate silver choker around her neck that featured round silver charms hanging from it at regular intervals.

The blond bombshell wore her hair in soft curls with a deep side part, and they hung over one shoulder and down her back. She wore flawless makeup that featured black eyeliner and mascara with a white highlight on the inner corners of her eyes, making them pop. Plus, blush and bronzer highlighted her high cheekbones, and a frosted peach lip color set off her full lips. Emma's fingernails appeared bare in the photo.

The Boston native's followers shared some love on her post with more than 7,000 Instagram users hitting the "like" button, and nearly 400 took the time to type out a reply in the comment section. The flame emoji featured heavily among those comments, indicating that fans thought the look was hot.

"You must look like this from eating your cauliflower crab cakes. Where do I get them," asked one devotee?

"Hahahaha, yes, only thing I eat these days," Emma replied, but she didn't give out any secrets to how she procured the interesting sounding food.

"How come I am seeing you for the first time in my feed? Where have you been? You are so beautiful and sexy!!! Stay safe!!" a second fan exclaimed.

"What kind of boots are those?" wondered a third Instagram user, and the model simply replied that they're tall ones.

"Who cares what day it is when you're that gorgeous," a fourth follower declared.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Emma shared another image of herself outside wearing the same high-heeled snakeskin boots while she sported a matching bikini, and her fans adored it.