Epic Games Shows Off Real-Time Demo Of Unreal 4 Game Engine

Unreal 4 Game Engine Debuts

Are you ready for photorealistic gaming experiences like you have never seen before? The team at Epic Games showed off its Unreal 4 game engine this week at the Game Developers Conference 2013, and its real-time demo is breathtaking.

The Unreal 4 game engine offers details so small that it is easy to forget you’re playing a game. Pay close attention to the real-time demo, and you’ll notice tons of reflections, particles, and even lens flares. Don’t worry: It’s not quite JJ Abrams lens flares but still enough to impress.

Before it showed off the Unreal 4 game engine, the team at Epic Games promised to bring gaming graphics up to par with Nvidia’s GTX line of GPUs and other advances in the GPU industry.

The Unreal 4 game engine offers some nice perks for developers. The biggest perk for developers is the ability to get instant feedback as visual changes are made to their games’ graphics. The game engine offers the ability to select and tweak properties of objects in the game environment with instantly viewable results.

The ability to render graphics with life-like accuracy was a big part of the Game Developers Conference. Activision also showed off new technology that can render human facial expressions in real-time. Activision was also praised for its ultra-realistic output.

The common denominator at the Game Developers Conference has been the synergetic advances among technologies. For every new GPU announced, a new game engine or other advances on the gaming front have also been showcased.

Here is a first look at the Epic Games Unreal 4 game engine:

Are you looking forward to the future of gaming as developers begin to receive the tools they need to keep up with huge advances in the graphics processing industry?