Kailyn Lowry Shares New Ultrasound Photo, Reveals What Makes This Pregnancy Different

Kailyn Lowry is over halfway through her fourth pregnancy and recently gave her fans an update via Instagram.

On Tuesday afternoon, she took to the social media site to share a new ultrasound photo of her baby boy's feet. Behind the snap were a few other ultrasounds, which were propped up on an adorable stuffed lion. Behind the lion was a white blanket adorned with many different wild animals in a variety of vibrant colors. Perhaps this was Kailyn's way of hinting at the theme she chose for her son's nursery.

With the post, she wrote out a detailed update about her pregnancy.

The Teen Mom 2 star revealed that as of Tuesday, she is 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant, adding that she was expecting a breech birth. Since her last doctor's appointment, however, it appears that the baby has turned. Kail explained that the movement of her baby feels different than that of her other three boys, and she attributed that to having an anterior placenta.

According to What To Expect, an anterior placenta doesn't pose a health risk to the mother or child, but it does make feeling the movements of the baby a little more difficult. This is because the placenta is in front of the fetus and acts as a cushion when it moves.

Due to the novel coronavirus, a lot of things have changed, including the need for social distancing. This has impacted Kailyn's pregnancy as well.

"Because of the stay home order & social distancing, I am not allowed to have anyone with me at appointments until further notice," she explained.

Kail then asked her followers for tips on being induced. She elaborated on why she was asking for advice on that, explaining that she lives 45 minutes away from the hospital and she fears that she won't be able to make it there in time once labor starts.

Within the first two hours of being posted, the new ultrasound photo earned over 105,000 likes from Kail's more than 3.8 million followers. Fans had also replied with over 2,700 comments.

In the past, Kail opened up about her desire to have a home birth with her fourth child. This is something she did not do with her other kids. In the comments, one fan told her that she should give birth at home.

"I believe that is the actual plan this time," the reality star replied.

Kailyn is due to have her baby sometime in July.