Noah Cyrus Goes Full 'Swamp Thing' In Ripped Dress & See-Through Bra

Noah Cyrus took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon to share some sultry snapshots, and her fans did not hesitate to respond to the enticing set of photos. These pictures are from the content that she created for her new single and video, and they definitely show a very creative side of the 20-year-old singer.

As the site Rock Your Lyrics notes, Noah just released her latest song, "I Got So High That I Saw Jesus," about a week ago. The singer, who is the younger sister of superstar songstress Miley Cyrus, wrote the new piece herself and shares that it is a tale about spirituality and religion.

While the new single of Noah's may be inspired by her personal experiences with spirituality, it looks as if she took things in a different direction with her Instagram post and caption. Most people would probably agree that these finished shots project a rather ethereal feel. However, it seems that in looking at the snaps now, she feels that there is something of a "swamp thing" vibe there as well.

For this photoshoot, Noah appeared to be wearing a brown bikini or bra-and-panty set underneath a gauzy, sheer dress. The dress was torn in numerous places, including across the torso. This shredded look provided viewers with the opportunity to see the entertainer's taut abs, with a little more visible in some of the latter snaps.

Noah's "swamp thing" quartet of photos caused quite the stir among her admirers. The singer currently has about 5.6 million followers, and about 115,000 of them liked this set of snapshots in less than an hour.

About 550 people commented on Noah's new Instagram post as well. There were plenty of notes filled with praise for the sultry singer, and many of her fans immediately recognized the photos as ones connected to her new single and video.

"Museum Worthy," declared one of Noah's followers.

"You are so beautiful," praised another of her fans.

"Gosh ur gorgeous," noted a third admirer, who was also impressed.

"This is so dreamy," someone else said.

Noah is known for posing in rather interesting ensembles much of the time, and they nearly always have a sexy feel incorporated. For example, one recent post featured her wearing black thong panties, red knee-high boots, and a red cowboy hat as she posed during a different photo shoot.

It appears that in this case, Noah's fans are enjoying the opportunity to see some of the initial work that came out of this photo shoot before everything was put together for the single's video and artwork. The singer may be joking about being a swamp thing in this instance, but it looks like it's all love from her fanbase as they take in her curves and sultry vibe.