Zohaib Begg, 7, Collected Thousands Of Protective Gear Donations For Healthcare Workers

A 7-year-old boy named Zohaib Begg visited hotels all over his city to request donations of vital protective gear.

A woman wears a face mask.
Jeenah Moon / Getty Images

A 7-year-old boy named Zohaib Begg visited hotels all over his city to request donations of vital protective gear.

Zohaib Begg of Ashburn, Virginia may only be 7-years-old but he is already doing everything he can to help others in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. After hearing about how many hospitals are running desperately low on protective gear, he went to local hotels in his community to seek out donations. He ended up gathering more than 6,000 donations including face masks and rubber gloves, according to Tank’s Good News.

Half-a-dozen hotels were willing to hand over their supplies to Zohaib who would later donate them to healthcare workers in dire need of them. It turned out that many of the hotels Zohaib and his family visited had even more useful resources than they would have expected. They also donated shower caps which doctors and nurses can use as safety headgear while working among infected patients. This is yet another item that hospitals are having shortages of.

With such a great need at the moment, every donation can be utilized in some way.

Isma Begg, Zohaib’s mother, spoke out about the progress they have made since embarking on this project.

“Really wonderful things have happened since he did it. We’ve been getting great responses,” she said.

Zohaib’s effort to give back is meaningful for a very special reason. After he collected the safety equipment, he donated it to Inova Fairfax Hospital. This is the same hospital where doctors saved Zohaib’s life when he was just 3 years old by removing an abdominal tumor.

Zohaib’s mother explained why this gesture was so important to him.

“He’s lived there and gotten care there. His hematologist who cared for him was there. He chose to donate locally to that hospital because he’s a patient of that hospital. He was motivated to give back there. We want to motivate kids in other areas,” she said.

The little boy’s hard work and generosity towards others did not go unnoticed. Former President Barack Obama even heard about this story and commended Zohaib in a recent tweet.

“So many Americans right now are stepping up to help their communities. Zohaib Begg, a 7-year-old from VA, is one of them. This inspiring kid has been gathering supplies from hotels to donate to the medical professionals at his local hospital,” the former president wrote.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the shortages of face masks, gloves, and other protective gear have become an increasingly large concern for healthcare workers. Some doctors and nurses have even reportedly had no choice but to treat patients without adequate protection.