‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Dayna Kathan Teases Brett Caprioni Romance, Suggests She Chose Wrong With Max Boyens

Dayna Kathan is moving on from Max Boyens in the coming episodes of 'Vanderpump Rules.'

Dayna Kathan is seen in the Bravo Clubhouse.
Charles Sykes / Bravo

Dayna Kathan is moving on from Max Boyens in the coming episodes of 'Vanderpump Rules.'

Dayna Kathan was asked about the blooming romance fans will soon see on Vanderpump Rules during an appearance on last week’s episode of The Daily Dish podcast.

Following a sneak peek at the upcoming episodes of Season 8, which featured Kathan and Brett Caprioni seeming to strike up a relationship with one another after her long-coming split from their co-star, Max Boyens, Kathan revealed that when it comes to what goes down between her and Caprioni, fans are going to have to tune into the new episodes.

“I still don’t know what happens. So, tune in. It’s wild. It was a wild time,” Kathan admitted.

As Vanderpump Rules viewers have seen in recent weeks, Kathan was first seen dating Boyens, the general manager of TomTom, where she was hostessing at the time. However, after a number of her friends and co-stars warned her about Boyens’ playboy behavior, their relationship came to an end. Now, as fans begin to see the fallout from the ended romance, they will also see Kathan explore the possibility of another one with Caprioni.

When the hosts of The Daily Dish podcast questioned Kathan about whether or not Caprioni caught her eye initially, she confessed that she always found him to be attractive and noted that anyone with eyes would likely feel the same.

“Brett is good looking. But I just didn’t know him that well and then we had started out hanging out a little more and it caught my attention,” Kathan continued.

Once Kathan got to know Caprioni as more than just a handsome face, she began to wonder if she should have chosen him before embarking on her short-lived romance with Boyens.

“I was like, ‘Huh, maybe I chose wrongly here in this situation,'” she confessed.

Last summer, as a number of cast members moved out of West Hollywood and into The Valley, several newbies were brought to the Vanderpump Rules lineup, including Kathan, Caprioni, Boyens, Danica Dow, and Charli Burnett.

In February, as The Inquisitr previously reported, Kathan confirmed that her on-screen romance with Boyens didn’t last during an interview with TooFab. She explained to the outlet that she and Boyens went through a lot over the past several months, also noting that they were nothing more than co-workers at that particular moment.

Kathan then said that things between her and Boyens are typically “decent.” She added that their relationship changes from week to week.