Heartbreaking Video Shows Little Boys Speak To Their Quarantined Dad Through A Basement Window Well

An Indiana dad with the coronavirus has been confined to his basement for 12 days.

A hand reaches out to a window.
Renato Mu / Pexels

An Indiana dad with the coronavirus has been confined to his basement for 12 days.

A father from Westfield, Indiana, named Shawn Stephen has been confined to the basement of his family home for 12 days after being diagnosed with the coronavirus. Stephen cannot be around his wife Heather or his two young sons. Thus, the two boys climbed into a window well on the side of their home to speak to him through the glass, according to WTHR News.

Heather Stephen captured the heart-wrenching video of the boys putting their hands up to their side of the glass while their father did the same on the other side. They peered into the window and called down to him, telling them they love him.

“I can take care of you,” one boy called out, exhibiting just how difficult quarantine is for young children to understand.

Unfortunately, Stephen’s family will not be able to be with him until after he has been symptom-free for three days in a row. This has unfortunately not happened since he became ill.

Heather Stephen broke down in tears when talking about the anticipation of being able to reunite with her husband and for the family to be together again.

“I just can’t wait. He’s my best friend. He cries to me down there because he can’t wait to hold his babies again and the kids just miss him so much,” she said.

While a doctor officially diagnosed Stephen with COVID-19, he was never able to get tested. This is due to the fact that because of limited resources, tests are only being given to those with particularly severe cases or those who are especially susceptible. Nevertheless, the Indiana father knew not to take any chances and went into self-quarantine as he was advised. He did this out of the protection of his wife and son, both of whom are immuno-compromised due to asthma.

Stephen is only 52-years-old and has no underlying health conditions. Nevertheless, the symptoms have been brutal.

“Coughing, the cough, oh my gosh, has been so bad. His temperature had gotten up to over 101. By 11 p.m. that night, it was up to 102.5 and by the next day, it was well over 103 degrees. His body has been hurting to the point where his body is like a vegetable,” Heather Stephen said of her husband’s conditions.

“I miss the chaos and the craziness that’s our life,” Stephen said of his eagerness to return to a normal life.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the coronavirus crisis will likely affect many more families, with President Donald Trump expecting social distancing to be encouraged through the end of April.