Instagram Model Paige Spiranac Shows Off Figure In Low-Cut Top While Hitting Golf Balls In Her Living Room

Paige Spiranac hits a shot at the Bass Pro Shops tournament
Matt Sullivan / Getty Images

Pro golfer Paige Spiranac gave fans on Instagram a view of her figure in a low-cut white top and body-hugging black pants while showing off her golf swing from the comfort of her own home.

Many people around the country have struggled to find activities to keep themselves busy, as most of the country has been confined to their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led to many celebrities and social media influencers being creative with their content, with many sharing at-home workout tips and other videos.

Spiranac joined the club this week, giving followers a glimpse of her quarantined life. With many public parks and spaces closed the 27-year-old needed to get creative to continue working on her swing.

In her latest video she wore a plunging white top that showed off her cleavage and toned midsection. The blonde wore tight-fitting black leggings and with her hair up. This clip was shot in what appeared to be her carpeted living room with the kitchen visible behind her.

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Just working on shot shaping and ball flight????????

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The model had an orange perforated golf ball on her carpet next to a calypso-green golf bag. She bent her knees and fired off a tee shot straight down her hallway which caused the ball to soar into the air and ricochet off the wall while just narrowly missing a framed picture above a table.

After the shot she flashed a big smile to the camera. Many of Spiranac’s 2.3 million followers were impressed with her form and gusto to take such a risky shot inside her home – even though she used a soft practice ball. Over 99,000 of her fans hit the “like” button and more than 2,700 offered comments.

Most fans refrained from commenting on her outfit and focused on how difficult it would be to take that golf shot in your own living room.

“You’re awfully confident you’re not going to slice, or hit it low and nail the picture below where you are aiming,” one fan wrote.

“Wow, you’re hitting a ball inside with all that stuff? Even a foam ball can do damage,” another commented.

One follower was shocked that her wall was left unscathed.

“Huh? No hole through the wall? You hit it pretty hard,” they wrote.

“I could have the most clearance in the room and I’d still put a whole in the wall with a full swing,” a fan admitted.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Spiranac recently called out the golfing community on her podcast. The self-described “OG Insta Golf Girl” said she has been discriminated against in the sport because of the way she dresses on the course.