Amanda Cerny Gets Soaking Wet & Flaunts Her Curves In A Black Long T-Shirt

Stacy Carey

Social media vixen Amanda Cerny teased her millions of followers on Monday with an enticing Instagram photo. She didn't provide much context with this particular upload, but her fans didn't seem to mind one bit.

In the new photo, Cerny stood in a body of water up to her knees. A gorgeous blue sky with a few clouds, a green shoreline in the distance, and clear blue water made up the background of the shot. Despite the gorgeous scenery, it seems that all eyes were on Cerny.

She was soaking wet and had her long dark hair swept over her head and hanging down her back. She stood with one hand on her thigh and the other behind her head, looking down and away from the camera. She appeared to be makeup-free and went without any jewelry or accessories as well.

Cerny only wore a black t-shirt with a scoop neckline that was long enough to cover her down to her upper thighs. Although this was hardly her most revealing Instagram post, the wet shirt hugged all of her curves, perfectly showcasing her fit physique.

She kept the post's caption simple, writing only "#comingsoon." That seems to signal that this photo is from a project she will be sharing soon.

While this photo is likely from something Cerny has in development, some of the model's followers seemed to interpret the shot and hashtag a bit differently. Some saw it as a reference to the current quarantine most people are under and how hopefully people will soon be able to go anywhere and hang out with others freely. A few others wondered if the hashtag was a reference to the place where the shot was taken, with a tease that she would be back there again soon.

"Wow so beautiful as always," declared one fan.

"Evergreen beauty," noted another follower.

"Officially are a mermaid," a third social media user quipped.

"What a hottie," described a fourth admirer, who added several fire emoji to their comment.

Everybody will be anxious to gain more insight into the context of this sultry photo. In the meantime, the gorgeous brunette seems dedicated to posting regularly during this time of social distancing in an effort to keep her followers entertained. She seems to be successful, as they appear to be loving every second of it.