March 31, 2020
'Fortnite' Slated To Get Even More Deadpool Content

One of the more unusual team-ups in the console gaming world this year has been the partnership between Fortnite and Deadpool. Sure, there have been other Marvel characters to appear in the game, but most have come and gone and were tied to movie promotions. While a Deadpool 3 movie is in the works, this partnership doesn't appear tied to that. Whatever the reason for the tie-in, it appears it's going to get even deeper.

On Tuesday morning, several new items and skins tied to Deadpool popped up as heading for Fortnite. ComicBook points out there isn't a specific date for when this content will come to the game, but it is coming.

While several social media sites that are dedicated to following Fortnite have posted images of the items and skins, these are all mined from data inside the game's coding language. What is known is that all of this content will be part of a v12.30 update and that has officially arrived. This means Fortnite could include the ability to do things like play as Deadpool with his mask off as early as later Tuesday.

The site points out at least some of the new items and the new skins are going to be part of the current week's Deadpool challenge inside Fortnite.

Alongside the ability to play as Deadpool and Deadpool with his mask off, players will also get to wield the Marvel character's iconic dual pistols.
There even appears to be a flag that will be flying from the Fortnite yacht which will have a rather striking resemblance to the anti-hero's pants. There is one skin for the yacht found in the coding language that will give it a new color scheme to match the character.

Other users were able to find references that show the iconic battle bus is going to be getting a makeover.

Since developer Epic Games has not made an official announcement, it's also not clear how much of this stuff will be able to be earned through various Fortnite events and how the items are tied together in battle packs.

Since Fortnite launched a few years back, its developers have worked hard to keep the content fresh. This means they are routinely rotating new skins, weapons, and other items in and rotating others out.

The newest update, which officially landed on Tuesday, hasn't detailed any other new changes for Fortnite, but it is clear the fresh Deadpool material is the highlight.