Fitness Model Lauren Simpson Sports Tiny Spandex Shorts For Bodyweight Glute Workout Video

A close-up of Lauren Simpson's face
Lauren Simpson / Instagram

Fitness model Lauren Simpson has been meeting her 1.8 million Instagram followers’ needs by posting a variety of home workout videos that they can use during their coronavirus isolation. On Monday, March 31, the fitness guru took to the popular social media site to demonstrate 10 bodyweight exercises that target the glute muscles.

For the workout, Lauren wears a matching pink outfit that consists of a cropped sweatshirt and booty shorts. The top includes long sleeves and a high neck, and has a white stripe across the chest. The elastic band cinched underneath the chest allows Instagram users to get an eyeful of her toned abdomen. The high-waisted shorts extend to just below her backside, leaving plenty of sculpted leg on display.

The model wears a pair of white sneakers with multicolored designs. She accessorizes with sparkly stud earrings, while the bandage from her recent surgery can be seen on her belly. Her long, straight blond locks are swept back into a ponytail while her face is made up with thick, black mascara and glossy lips.

The post includes three parts. It starts with a photo of the fitness trainer lying on a gray exercise mat with the words “10 Bodyweight Glute Exercises” written in block letters across the frame. The second part is a video that features Lauren performing all 10 exercises so that her followers can join in at home. The third slide is an image that includes the full list of glute-targeting exercises.

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10 BODY WEIGHT ONLY GLUTE EXERCISES.????⚡️???????? – – My next 8 week challenge intake starts Monday! – Need a HOME workout program? My new BOSS BABES challenge gives you both HOME & GYM option. Also includes diet & coaching support.???????????? – ‼️Link in my bio to get started‼️ @laurensimpson ???????? – All you need is your body weight & sofa ???? Make sure you hit LIKE & SAVE this post so you can refer back to for ideas! ???? – GLUTE BRIDGE FEET ELEVATED SINGLE LEG GLUTE BRIDGE HIP THRUST SINGLE LEG HIP THRUST BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUAT STEP UP TO REVERSE LUNGE EXTRA RANGE ABDUCTOR ELEVATED FROG PUMP EXTRA RANGE DONKEY KICK B STANCE HIP THRUST – Let’s build that HOME GROWN BOOTY.???? – p.s. I have added so many NEW exercises and variations to this next challenge! If you are nervous training from home…don’t be! I got you girls. Lose fat, build muscle, feel confident AF. #lsfbabes ???????? – FINAL DAYS TO JOIN. @laurensimpson

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The exercises that Lauren teaches her followers in the video are glute bridges with elevated feet, single-leg glute bridges, hip thrusts, single-leg hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats, step up to reverse lunges, extra-range abductors, elevated frog pumps, extra-range donkey kicks, and B stance hip thrusts.

In the caption of the post, the model tells her followers that all they need is their own body and a sofa to complete the workout. She also advertises her eight-week challenge, which starts Monday and includes many new exercises and variations.

The post was a hit with Lauren’s followers, earning over 10,000 likes and dozens of comments within the first 16 hours of being posted. Many of her fans asked questions pertaining to their own fitness experiences while others expressed their gratitude for her home workouts.

“Loving these home workouts babe! Thankyouuuu!!” one Instagram user commented enthusiastically.

“Glad you are back, you are the best. Keep up the good work you’re such a beast.. All the support,” another fan wrote, interspersing the comment with hearts and kissing face emoji.