Philadelphia Public Health Department Trolls The Dallas Cowboys With Social Distancing Rules

Richard RodriguezGetty Images

Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles fans know that the rivalry between the two teams exists only on the field. The fans of both teams aren’t particularly fond of each other. The two squads have been rivals for years in the NFC East and none of those rivalries are just skin deep.

When it comes to the Eagles and Cowboys, not even a pandemic can convince one side to stop taking shots at the other. Witness what the Philadelphia Department of Public Health posted on Twitter on Monday.

In a tweet aimed at warning people how to better practice social distancing during the outbreak, the social media account managed to troll Dallas at the same time. Alongside a caption reminding people to give “at least six feet of space,” the account put up a picture of the Dallas Cowboys’ logo on one side and the Lombardi Trophy – the award given to teams who win the Super Bowl – on the other.

In between the photos was a line with “24 years” scratched out and replaced with “six feet.”

The reference was very obviously meant to illustrate how long the Cowboys have been to or won the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, the Eagles last won the championship in 2018. That year, they rode the arm of backup quarterback Nick Foles all the way to a win over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

It’s no wonder Eagles fans are a bit cocky considering Foles’ career has not been nearly as stellar since leaving Philly. He signed a free-agent deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars before last season only to break his collar bone and miss half the year. This season, the Jags decided it was time to cut bait and shipped him off to the Chicago Bears.

Dallas, on the other hand, has had plenty of postseason appearances but hasn’t gotten to the Super Bowl since 1995. That year, they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in what was a matchup of two the NFL’s biggest dynasties.

Last year, Jerry Jones had enough of former head coach Jason Garrett after an 8-8 season. Garrett was fired and former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was brought in to replace him. This offseason, the team has been working overtime to retool the roster while keeping some of the core players, such as Amari Cooper on board.

While there has been some talk of postponing or even canceling the 2020 NFL season, it appears that should it get played, there will still be no love lost between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.