Donald Trump Muses About His Appearance At Coronavirus Presser: ‘My Hair Is Blowing Around And It’s Mine’

Donald Trump at a press conference.
Win McNamee / Getty Images

Donald Trump’s presser on the coronavirus took a bit of a turn on Monday as the president took a break from offering updates on the construction of emergency hospital space to muse about his personal appearance and longstanding speculation about the authenticity of his hair.

While offering updates on the federal government’s response to the nationwide COVID-19 crisis and giving an update on the construction of new medical beds, Trump deviated a bit to talk about the effect that the wind was having on his hair.

“My hair is blowing around and it’s mine,” Trump said.

“That’s one thing you can’t get away with — if it’s not yours then you’ve got a problem, if you’re president.”

The statement about his hair drew some viral attention, with many noting on the seemingly out-of-place remark about his appearance. A video of Trump’s musing about his hair spread across social media as well.

There has long been speculation about the authenticity of Trump’s full head of hair, with many speculating that he was strategically covering a bald spot with a comb-over or the use of hair plugs. The Guardian even reported on Trump’s hair back in 2018 when it was swept up in the wind and showed off what appeared to be a bare patch.

“The film was captured as Trump boarded Air Force One,” the report noted, citing a then-viral video.

“As Trump clambers up the stairs to the aircraft he appears to be struck from behind by a forceful gust. The wind cleaves his hair in two, revealing what appears to be a bare scalp.”

Many of the president’s critics have seized on the tone he has taken at daily coronavirus briefings, which have included members of the president’s cabinet heaping praise on him for the response to the virus. Trump has also been combative with reporters at times, including a controversial incident on Sunday in which he lashed out at PBS News reporter Yamiche Alcindor in a spat that critics say had racial undertones.

There were other controversial moments during Monday’s presser aside from Trump’s speculation about his hair. In another instance, the president heaped praise on MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and his company’s product, which many critics said appeared to be product placement.

Not all saw that interaction, however. CNN decided to cut away from its live broadcast of the coronavirus presser after Trump called Lindell up to the podium to speak.