Andrew Cuomo Puts Out Call For Health Care Workers From Other States To Come To New York

Andrew Cuomo is following the lead of Donald Trump when it comes to using Twitter, albeit only to some degree. The New York governor has been using the social media platform to get his message directly to the people. On Monday, he used Twitter to put out a call asking health care workers from other states to come to New York.

His post included a message that if things aren't bad wherever these health care workers are from, they are needed in New York City. He added that if they do come and help, the favor will be repaid down the road.

"I am asking healthcare workers across the country: If things are not urgent in your own community, please come to New York. We need relief for nurses. We need relief for doctors."
Cuomo also put up a link to a website where health care workers could sign up and see where they are needed. The tweet is just the latest in the governor's evolving attempt to battle the coronavirus outbreak. As he had attempted to "flatten the curve" in his state and in New York City, he's been getting quite a bit of praise for his handling.
Even a political rival such as Trump had to admit Cuomo was handling the crisis well. In fact, as The Inquisitr reported earlier, the president recently said he thinks the governor would make a better Democratic presidential contender than Joe Biden.

For the most part, Cuomo's call to action was met with support from his followers on social media. One user, in particular, made it clear on Twitter he thought this kind of thing was what real leadership looked like.

Earlier in the day, Cuomo talked quite a bit about how important it was going to be for hospitals to get the kind of cooperation they haven't always seen from state governments. He also hailed the arrival of the USNS Comfort. This ship is reportedly going to be able to act as a mobile hospital and will be able to take some of the pressure off the health care workers located inside New York City.

One thing that was missing from any of Cuomo's posts on Monday morning and early afternoon were attacks or even arguments against Trump. The two have sparred repeatedly since the coronavirus outbreak exploded, but for now, Cuomo is focusing on getting as much help as possible into the areas of the state that need it the most.