Julia Rose Pushes Boundaries With Latest Topless Instagram Post: ‘My Favorite Shirt’

Julia Rose poses for a selfie on Instagram.
Julia Rose / Instagram

World Series flasher and Shag Mag founder Julia Rose won’t get the chance to take her top off at MLB games this season due to a lifetime ban. Still, she’s providing plenty of topless photos for her Instagram fans as she pushes the popular photo-sharing platform’s boundaries during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the new Instagram snap, Julia stood outside with her sunkissed skin bathed in sunlight. She was entirely topless and used her hands in an attempt to protect her modesty, and her fingernails sported a long French manicure. However, she wasn’t completely successful in doing so, which made it likely that the social media platform would eventually remove the photograph. The provocative model wore her highlighted brunette hair in loose, beachy waves that fell down her back as she tilted her head up toward the light with her eyes closed.

On her face, the magazine founder wore bronzer and highlighter that shimmered in the sunlight. Her full lips had a hint of nude lip gloss that shined when the light hit them. She didn’t appear to have any other accessories on in the image, and it’s unclear if she wore a bikini or some other bottoms since the photograph was a close-up. In the background, a wicker chair was visible, as were windows looking into a house.

In less than half an hour, nearly 210,000 users hit the “like” button. Additionally, almost 2,600 fans took the time to leave a reply for Julia in the comments section supporting her attempts to push the social media giant’s boundaries as well as praising her pose. Many wondered if the photo would stay up for very long since Julia has a history of posting shots that get deleted.

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ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts diddly dee

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“You certainly don’t lack in vitamin D,” joked one follower.

“Looks so real. Where can I get one?” a second fan teased.

“How long till Instagram takes this down?” wondered a third social media user.

“Legend says that Julia Rose replies if you’re one of the first to comment,” a fourth revealed, including eye emoji.

That legend, however, remained unconfirmed because it did not appear as if she had posted a reply to any of the comments.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Julia actually wears clothes on occasion, though she noted that it isn’t something she often does. In one of her recent posts, she showed off a form-fitting neon orange dress that garnered plenty of approval from her followers — even though she was mostly covered up.