Gia Macool Sizzles In Pink Latex Mini Dress

Gia Macool poses for a selfie.
Gia Macool / Instagram

Brunette beauty Gia Macool shared yet another Instagram update that showed her looking smoking hot. Her latest post saw her flaunting her figure in a figure-hugging latex mini dress.

Gia’s dress was a bubblegum pink color and featured a low-cut neckline that exposed her cleavage. The dress had thin shoulder straps that showed off her shapely shoulders. The sexy number also featured small pleats at the waist that emphasized her hourglass figure, and the hemline went to the top of her thighs.

The beauty’s post consisted of two pictures that showed her from the front as she stood outside. Large columns and green bushes were in the background. She did not say when the images were taken.

In the first snap, Gia stood with her legs crossed, flaunting her figure. She held part of her hair in one hand as she looked off into the distance with a smile on her face.

The second image captured Gia as she flashed a smile while striking a sexy pose. Her hair fell in curls over her shoulders as she stood with one hip cocked to the side.

Gia’s makeup included sculpted brows, pink eye shadow, and thick lashes. She wore blush on the apples on her cheeks and a pink gloss on her lips. She accessorized the glam look with a pendant necklace.

The stunner left a lengthy caption about personal success how important it was to stay focused on goals.

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People are easy to belittle your achievements…???? . Saying you got everything handed to you or it was because of something you did that was wrong. What they don’t realize is those who receive blessings never gave up on their goals. The years of hard work, no vacations or fun to get to that point isn’t always shared so don’t fool yourself into thinking everyone who made it in life had it come easy. . Taking every challenge and turning it into something that helps others and focusing on solutions rather than the problem. . You have to be commited or your not gonna make it! Even the ones with the personality’s you don’t like…if you’re not committed you are not gonna make it and they WILL!! simply because they were committed. . If there is one thing I can tell you to count on…is don’t count on anything in life! Life has a way of changing everything you expect. You gotta get used to becoming a-little disappointed and walking into every situation being flexible and adjustable. Putting what is the past in the past and spending your focus only on the future.

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The post was popular among her 1.8 million followers, racking up more than 4,500 likes within an hour of her sharing it.

Hundreds of Gia’s followers flocked to the comments section to thank her for her uplifting post. They also could not help but tell her how stunning she looked in the dress.

“Always an inspiration Gia, thanks for your posts” one Instagram user said.

“Such a wonderful and true message you inspire so much gorgeous stay safe and have a great new week! I love the dress and you’re smile,” a second follower wrote.

“Thanks for posting so often. A genuine smile from a beautiful woman goes a long way in dark@days like these,” commented a third fan.

“So gorgeous it’s almost criminal,” a fourth admirer gushed.

Gia seems to enjoy flaunting her curves in a variety of sexy outfits. From sexy dresses to flirty lingerie, she looks good in it all. Earlier this month, she left little to the imagination in a skimpy bikini, which her fans also loved.