Robotic Jurassic Park Planned By Australian Billionaire Clive Palmer

Brisbane, Australia – An Australian billionaire is planning to build a robotic dinosaur park containing 165 life-size animatronic dinos.

Clive Palmer, whose other hobbies include building and launching a Titanic doppelgänger (coming 2016), has already ordered more than 100 life-size dinosaur robots from China to strut and growl around his dino resort in Brisbane, Australia.

Palmer, who previously expressed a strong interest in cloning real dinosaurs, has now settled for second-best and ordered more than 100 dinosaur robots from China. “We’ll have the world’s biggest dinosaur exhibit with 165 animatronic dinosaurs,” he enthused in a press release.

He’s already unpacked and assembled two of the gigantic beasts, many of which stand up to seven meters high and weigh over 1.2 tons. In the picture below, Tyrannosaurus Rex “Bones” can be seen enjoying a spot of golf at the Palmer Coolum Resort, just north of Brisbane.

The dinosaurs will reportedly be able to move their tails and chests and blink their eyes, though Palmer reckons the public “haven’t seen anything yet.” The full set of dinosaurs will have arrived in Australia by the end of April.

Palmer, an Australian mining magnate with an estimated personal worth of $795m, has made eccentric projects his trademark. That said, he’s usually as good as his word; while his Titanic II plans were initially scoffed at by some, photos released last month show construction is well underway.

When asked recently about why he was funding the Titanic II project, Palmer said he wanted to “spend the money I’ve got before I die.”

Clive Palmer shows off 'Bones', just one of 100+ robotic dinosaurs ordered from China for a new dino park