Amy Klobuchar Shares Details About Her Husband’s Fight With Coronavirus

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar speaks during a campaign rally at the Altria Theatre in Richmond, Virginia.
Zach Gibson / Getty Images

In an interview with CNN broadcast on Sunday, Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota shared details about her husband John Bessler’s fight with the coronavirus, reports Axios.

Bessler — who tested positive earlier this week — appears to be recovering well, but the virus is taking a heavy toll on the Klobuchar family, the senator revealed to anchor Wolf Blitzer. The senator said that she has not seen her husband for 14 days, which is making the entire situation more difficult to handle.

“You can’t go see your loved one. You can’t hold their hand. You can’t give a hug to their health care providers who are there every day,” she said. “All you can do is talk to them on the phone. And I think it’s something we’ll deal with — everyone will — as it goes on.”

The senator explained that what she is going through — with not being able to see her husband as he recovers from the virus — awaits millions of Americans.

“I think every single person in America is going to have a friend or a family member who they want to reach out to, and we all know that they can’t, including in assisted livings with our seniors, because they can just spread the disease.”

As Axios notes, polling indicates that the coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll on the nation’s mental and emotional health and well-being,

Klobuchar, a former White House hopeful, revealed on March 23 that her husband has the coronavirus. He was dealing with flu-like symptoms for weeks, the senator wrote in a Medium post, but once he coughed up blood, he realized that it was time to check in to a hospital. Bessler then tested positive for COVID-19.

Although Klobuchar is apparently still virus-free, the coronavirus has reached the United States Senate. Earlier this week, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a Republican, became the first member of the body to test positive.

The federal government has undertaken significant measures to curb the spread of the virus, but the worst is apparently yet to come. As The Guardian reported, during a press briefing on Sunday, President Donald Trump announced that he is extending the national guidance regarding social distancing until the end of April.

The president also said that the administration’s primary goal is to keep the death toll to 100,000. The announcement is a sign of a major shift in the administration’s strategy, given that Trump was apparently hoping to reopen the economy by Easter. That plan has been scrapped, it seems, and the commander-in-chief now expects the country to be on the way to recovery by June 1.