Danica Patrick Stuns By Performing A Series Of Difficult Crow Poses During Yoga Workout

Former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick proved that she's mastered some extremely difficult yoga poses in a series of videos that left her Instagram followers in awe of her strength, flexibility, and balance.

On Sunday, the 38-year-old athlete took to the social media platform to share the videos with her 765,000 followers. For her intense yoga session, Danica rocked a tight coral top with spaghetti straps and a pair of light blue yoga pants that featured small, mesh-like holes on the legs for ventilation.

Danica's post included a photo of her executing a baby crow pose. She had her arms crossed with her forearms on the floor. Her knees were pressed into the backs of her triceps, and she was leaning forward so that her feet were lifted up off of the floor. She had her toes curled, and she was looking down at the floor, which was a few inches away from her face. If she lost her balance and tilted too far forward, she risked face-planting.

The next pose she performed was more difficult. She did a handstand and slowly bent her knees, lowering her legs down until she could rest her knees right above her slightly bent elbows. As she lowered her legs, she kept her feet pressed together and her toes curled.

After the handstand crow, Danica performed the headstand crow. She began in a headstand position and bent her knees, lowering her legs until her knees were resting on her triceps. She then carefully rocked back, transferring the weight of her body to her arms as she lifted her head off of the floor.

In her final video, Danica was shown performing crow drills. She was doing a headstand, and she slowly brought her knees down to her chest before straightening her legs back out. She repeated this movement a few times.

In the caption of her post, Danica revealed that she's been taking live yoga classes online with instructor Carmen Aguilar, and she's "loving" the experience.

As of this writing, Danica's video has received over 7,000 likes. Her followers also took to the comments section to praise her incredible yoga skills.

"Amazing control and strength," read one response to her post.

"Impressive!! Now I wanna see Mr. Rodgers do that!" another commenter wrote.

"Wow!! So much inspiration here! Thank you!!" a third fan remarked.

"Amazing. Your IG posts helped inspire me to start yoga 3 years ago," a fourth admirer wrote.

Danica isn't the only celebrity who is a fan of the crow pose and its variations. "So What" songstress Pink shared a video of herself performing a crow pose with her son, Jameson, on her back earlier this month, and "Whip My Hair" singer Willow Smith filmed herself perfectly executing the difficult flying crow pose last week.