Snoop Lion Promises His New Songs Will Turn Him Into A ‘Real Musical Icon’

Snoop Lion has promised that his new songs will turn him into a “musical icon.”

The artist, who was previously known as Snoop Dogg before he decided to move from the hip-hop world to Rastafarianism, is set to release his first reggae album next month, entitled, Reincarnated.

Helping him with the transition is Drake, Chris Brown, and Rita Ora, each of whom make an appearance on the album. Snoop has now declared that he hopes to garner a whole new set of fans with this musical move.

Snoop told Q magazine,“Songs that will cross me over to a real musical icon. It’s real important to me. You don’t do it for the accolades but when you’ve been in it for so long and you’ve been great, you start to look for things to push forward.”

He then aded, “I wanna go to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. And the only way I can do that is if I do 25 years of great music non-stop. So I’ve got two more years to go. That’s my goal.”

Describing his decision to change the direction in his career, Snoop stated that he didn’t get bored with rap, but that he simply wanted to try different things musically.

“It’s like Michael Jordan. He won three basketball championships and decided to take a year off to play baseball ‘cos he loved it He struck out terrible and people were, Mike, you gotta put that 23 [jersey] back on! And he put that motherf****** number 23 back on and won three more championships in a row.”

Snoop then explained, “So, to me? I’m at that stage where I won so many championships in rap that I wanna see if I can win a championship in reggae. And if it don’t work out, I could always go grab my jersey, put it back on. Go back to the rap world.”

Do you think Snoop will succeed in reggae?