14-Year-Old Girl Raped On Scottish Bus

A 14-year-old girl was raped by two men on a double decker bus in Glasgow on Friday night.

The attack occurred on the top deck of the number 57 bus, which left Silverburn shopping centre in Pollok, Glasgow, at around 22:30.

Originally, the 14-year-old sat downstairs with a friend, but she then decided to move upstairs, which is where the attack took place.

Her friend, who was also 14, stated that the girl engaged in conversation with the men who then went to the upper level. After going to see her, she then raised the alarm with passengers downstairs.

Two men and then a woman then came to the girls’ aid, after which they all left the bus at the same stop, where they then caught another bus, and contacted the police.

Police have now begun their investigation and have called for any other passengers to come forward. No CCTV footage was available from the bus to help with the investigation.

The driver was unaware of the assault, but he has confirmed that he did eject two men later in the journey because of their terrible behaviour. It is thought that they were thrown off the bus for being loud, and using crude and lewd comments to other passengers.

Det Con Jackie Carroll of Strathclyde Police, stated, “This was a very frightening experience for the young girl concerned, and thankfully she was assisted by her friend and the Good Samaritans on the bus who ensured she got home safely. She has been left traumatised by her ordeal.”

A spokesperson for the bus operator, said, “Our driver was not aware of the assault. Unfortunately, the incident took place on the top deck of the bus and therefore out of our driver’s eye-line and no-one on board approached our driver to report a disturbance.”

The two suspects are believed to be aged between 18 to 20.