Bidet Sales Are Skyrocketing As Many Struggle To Find Toilet Paper

American consumers are looking for a way around requring toilet paper.

Toilet paper hangs from a roll.
hermaion / Pexels

American consumers are looking for a way around requring toilet paper.

The coronavirus crisis has caused bidet toilet sales to skyrocket as American consumers look for a way around needing toilet paper. Nationwide panic has made toilet paper difficult if not impossible to find as many have chosen to stockpile. Many stores are even limiting how much toilet paper a customer can buy at one time in order to leave some for others. With a bidet, toilet paper is not necessary, according to Today.

While many would deem toilet paper as an essential daily product, bidets offer an alternative motive of self-hygiene. While they come in a lot of different brands, styles, shapes, and sizes, they all have one primary function which is for cleaning after using the restroom. They utilize a basin that is similar to that of a traditional toilet, except that it sprays water. While they are typically not very commonly used in the United States, that seems to be changing.

One of the most common bidet companies is called Tushy and it has seen an incredible rise in business in recent weeks. The brand’s founder and chief creative officer Miki Agrawal spoke out regarding this shocking increase in sales.

“Tushy sales are 10 times what they were since word spread of toilet paper shortages. Last week we had a few days where we sold over $500,000 a day, including a day where we hit around $1 million in sales. We have been saying since 2014 that bidets will replace toilet paper and that Tushy was going to be the brand to help realize it.”

Another major bidet company is Brondell. Brondell has had more sales in recent days than they would typically have throughout entire peak business seasons like Cyber Monday or Black Friday.

Steve Scheer, the president of Brondell, explained that the company has never experienced such a sudden surge of business like this before.

“This is truly unprecedented, but we’re happy to be able to provide the public with these toilet paper alternatives and are doing our best to make sure we’re able to fulfill as many orders as possible,” he said.

In addition to allowing a customer to save money by forgoing toilet paper, bidets can be especially useful to women who have recently given birth or people with rectal issues or hemorrhoids.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, toilet paper stockpiling has been discouraged by government officials and is simply not necessary. Toilet paper companies will continue to produce and ship their product just as they have always done.