Ana Cheri Flaunts Pert Posterior In Burgundy Leggings And Black Sports Bra For New Workout Video

Former Playboy model Ana Cheri showed fans how she works on her glutes at home via the most recent video on her Instagram. In the shared clip, Ana rocked a pair of burgundy leggings that showed off her shapely lower body. She paired the flattering workout pants with a black sports bra that was covered in a white dotted pattern.

Ana started the workout with a series of goblet squats. For this exercise, Ana held a large dumbbell in front of her as she bent her legs and lowered her body for the squats. In her caption, she recommended doing the exercise in four sets of 30-second intervals.

Then she laid on a yoga mat for a set of hip thrusts. Ana placed the dumbbell on her pelvis and then lifted her hips upward, pausing at the top of the exercise before she lowered her hips once more. Her caption suggested doing four sets of 10 reps with a three-second squeeze of the glutes before the hips are lowered.

Ana saved a set of Romanian deadlifts for last. This exercise required her to hold the dumbbell horizontally with both arms as she bent forward and then raised her torso. She encouraged fans to do three sets of 12 reps. If they feel too easy then one should use slower, more controlled movement, Ana added.

Ana also listed lunges as being part of the circuit, but she wasn't captured performing this exercise in the video.

The clip has been viewed over 50,000 times, as of this writing, and close to 120 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, fans seemed entranced by Ana's voluptuous physique.

"You're simply so wonderful so gorgeous," one person wrote. "Bless you, keep going."

Others seemed very excited about attempting the workout themselves.

"What a great work out!" a second person gushed. "I'm definitely gonna do that today. Looking amazing Mrs. Cheri."

"Great booty workout," a third supporter said. "That's why you got buns of steel."

"You're a very nice model Ana Cheri," a fourth commented. "Nice video, love."

This is hardly the first time that Ana has shared a workout video with her over 12 million followers. In a previous clip, she trained her upper body in a dumbbell workout that included bent-over rows, front raises, and more. Ana rocked a gray sports bra with cutouts in the video and paired that with a matching sports bra and black sneakers. The clip has been viewed more than 250,000 times since it was uploaded.