Jeffree Star Reveals ‘Really Dark, Ugly Stuff’ Going On Behind-The-Scenes After Breakup With Nathan Schwandt

The makeup mogul says things are getting ugly two months after his split from his longtime love.

Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt
Erik Voake / Getty Images

The makeup mogul says things are getting ugly two months after his split from his longtime love.

Jeffree Star says he is going through a difficult time two months after his split from Nathan Schwandt. The 34-year-old YouTube star posted a new video in which he showed off his recently renovated mansion and gave a brief update on his personal life.

Near the end of the lengthy house update, Star briefly addressed a video he posted last summer titled “Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car.” The highly-viewed video showed the makeup mogul surprising his longtime boyfriend Nathan with a bright green Aston Martin. Fans recently noticed Star changed the title of the video after the couple’s breakup, but it has since been changed back.

In the update, Star is seen sitting on the car, which is now painted bright pink. He acknowledged his title switcheroo before admitting that the car was never Nate’s and that they just decided to shoot the “car surprise” video for fun.

“I’m sure you guys are not surprised, but this car was always my car,” Star said.

“I paid for it. It was in my name for months and then we filmed that video.”

Star reiterated to fans that his relationship with Nate was “very real,” despite their faked out car surprise video. But in comments to his new YouTube post, some fans praised Star’s “pettiness” for keeping the car.

In a very serious moment, Star also revealed that there has been some “really dark, ugly stuff” going on behind the scenes since his break up with Nate. He was very careful not to get specific due to legal reasons but he added that he is “devastated” by the recent turn of events with his ex. Star added that he is afraid to say too much for fear of being “degraded online.”

“I’m afraid of people misconstruing what I’m saying and going with it somewhere else,” Star explained.

“I’ve been going through it, I really have. … I haven’t vented or said a word, but it’s been rough… Legally, for my protection, I don’t really want to say anything.”

In the new video, Jeffree’s longtime assistant, Maddie Taylor, is heard off-camera saying, “It’s sad what you do for people, and what they do in return.” Jeffree agreed that it’s “truly scary sometimes.”

Fans weren’t totally surprised by Star’s hint that things have turned dark with his ex. Late last week, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder teased his upcoming video on his Instagram stories and hinted at the drama.

“When you do so much for someone, and then later they do something really f*cking dark to you or they just get really nasty, you gotta wonder… who was that person?” he reportedly said, per PopBuzz.

Nathan returned to his home state of Michigan following his years-long relationship with Star. The notoriously private skateboarder is active on Instagram but has yet to publicly comment on the breakup.