Avital Cohen Powers Through Full-Body Routine In Red Sports Bra And Leggings

Israeli fitness model Avital Cohen gave fans a glimpse of one of her workout routines in the latest post on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a red sports bra and a pair of matching leggings, the brunette beauty started her circuit with a set of "Good Mornings" into squats. For this exercise, Avital placed one end of a long exercise band under her feet the other around her neck. Then she bent her torso forward at the waist. After she raised her torso again, Avital bent her knees for a deep squat. Then she repeated the entire combination once more.

Next, she moved over to a bench for a series of tricep dips. Avital propped herself up on the edge of the seat with her arms and then bent her elbows, lowering her body in the process.

She transitioned into doing lateral lunges, which meant that she had to assume an extremely wide-legged stance before bending one knee until the thigh of her active leg was parallel to the floor.

Avital ended her circuit with a set of curtsy lunges, which required her to take large diagonal steps backward before bending both knees and lowering her body.

In the comments section, fans showered Avital with plenty of compliments.

One supporter filled their comment with adjectives to describe her beauty.

"Avital, you are superbly, voluptuous, ripped, heavenly, magnificently, glamorous, irresistible, arresting, winsome, golden, angelic smashing diva," they wrote.

A second fan got even more creative with their compliment.

"I would like to be an astronaut to take you to the sky and tell all the stars that you are the most beautiful star," another commenter added.

"Still doing your thing and looking fantastic doing it, Avital. Stay safe my friend and stay awesome stay classy," a third person said.

Another fan hinted that her videos were helping them to cope with gym closures caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

"@avital my gym is closed like all the rest. Great seeing your videos. Your form is all top-notch," they wrote.

In a previous photo, Avital showed her fans how she's been spending her time in self-isolation because of the virus. She was pictured wearing black lingerie as she lounged in a bed and read a magazine. Avital wore her tousled brown hair down around her shoulder and sported a pair of oversized glasses. In her caption, she encouraged her fans to stay home to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

The post has been liked over 45,000 times since its upload, and more than 1,200 Instagram users have commented on it.