Sara Underwood Helps Relieve Pet Rescues By Adopting A Dog To Live In Her 90-Square-Foot Home: Meet Homer

Sara Underwood may not have much space to share but she is still willing to do so during these trying times. Because of the overrun of ownerless pets living in shelters and rescues during the COVID-19 crisis, the 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year adopted a dog. For now, the 5-month-old puppy will live with her and her beau, Jacob Witzling, in their 90-square-foot cabin.

On Sunday, the 35-year-old model and her man posed for a bunch of Instagram pictures and videos highlighting Homer, their cute rescue canine who is likely a mix. In her caption, Sara made sure to say that she and Jacob are building a bigger home to accommodate all three of them. However, for right now, the trio will stay in their close quarters located in the picturesque Pacific Northwest.

Although Sara typically flaunts her rocking body for her Instagram updates, she was all bundled up in a bright blue raincoat with the hood up in the first two pictures of her recent post, as she proudly presented Homer in various situations.

The first image in the pack of five featured Jacob and Sara holding tight to the new member of their clan. They stood in front of their tiny house, smiling, while Homer seemed to be thinking about something serious. In the second image, which was a wider shot than the first, the three roommates stared straight at the camera while majestic trees encircled their cottage, its pitched roof adorned with brown and green moss.

Homer was featured in the third part of the update. In the short video, he played with one of his chew toys while the photographer asked if he could please sit up. Homer paid no attention to that command.

Then, in the fourth photo, Sara sat outside holding Homer as he appeared to be falling asleep. A large husky stood in front of them, guarding their post in the rustic arena.

And, in the last part of the post, a short video showed Sara grabbing on to her new pet as she moved his paw up and down to say hello.

Sara's Instagram update introducing Homer to her 9.2 million followers earned nearly 24,000 likes and over 300 comments within two hours of going live.

"Homer is such a fun name. Automatically smile thinking of the Simpsons every time," stated one fan.

"90 sq ft. Wow that's big is the new house gonna be," a second Instagram user queried.

"The new house will be 900 sq ft!!!! Woo hoo!!!!" exclaimed Sara, who answers her followers' questions as much as she can.

To be diligent with that task and many others, Sara spends most of her time in her tiny cabin, so having Homer by her side will likely create a more lively environment. Besides writing and posting for her social media followers, the stunning model often spends time in and near her small abode making promotional videos.

Earlier in the month, Sara flaunted her enviable figure to talk about an electrical trimmer sold by Landscaper. To demonstrate its effectiveness, she jokingly correlated her reasoning about how the wrong tools don't work for certain jobs.

In the video posted on Instagram, she tested an ax, a sharp knife, and a blow torch to attempt to split a huge tree trunk, according to The Inquisitr.