Krissy Cela Rocks Pink Sports Bra And Blue Shorts For New Sofa Workout Videos

Krissy Cela snaps a selfie
Krissy Cela / Instagram

British fitness trainer Krissy Cela showed fans how they could incorporate sofas into their workouts via her newest Instagram video series. Dressed in a pair of blue shorts, gray socks, and a pink sports bra, Krissy started the circuit with a series of step-ups onto the comfy-looking piece of furniture. In her caption, the brunette beauty recommended doing three sets of 12 repetitions.

In the next video, Krissy moved on to doing pushups into knee touches. She performed the pushup against the sofa and then lifted one knee up while reaching for it with the opposite arm. She repeated that on the other side before completing the next pushup.

Krissy focused on training her abs in the next video with a set of situps. For this exercise, she hooked her feet onto the bottom of the sofa as she was lying face-up on a yoga mat. Then she lifted her torso toward her raised knees.

Tricep dips into toe touches came next, which required her to prop herself up on the edge of the sofa with her arms. She bent her elbows to lower her body and then straightened them to complete one rep. After repeating the exercise a couple of times, she raised one leg and then extended the opposite arm toward it. After alternating this exercise on both sides, Krissy performed another tricep dip.

Split squats came next. For this exercise, Krissy rested her foot behind her on the sofa and bent her front knee until her thigh was parallel to the floor. She repeated the exercise on the other side before completing a set of deep squats.

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⭐️ SOFA WORKOUT! Be sure to LIKE ???? & SAVE ❗️ for later! To everyone who constantly shows support thank you a million it truly is appreciated! TAG YOUR BESTIE ????‍♀️ WHOS AT HOME TO DO THIS !! GRAB YOUR SOFA (also make sure you puff it out after incase someone in your house yells lols! But you should be okay!) METHOD: 1️⃣Step Ups: 12 Reps 3 Sets. 2️⃣Push Ups into Knee Touches: 5 push ups then knee taps until you get to 20 3 sets. 3️⃣Sit Ups: 15 Reps 3 Sets. 4️⃣Tricep Dips into Toe Touches: 4 Dips to toe taps until your get not 20. 3 Sets. 5️⃣Split Squats into squat: 5 Reps each leg into 5 Squats. 3 Sets. SONG: PLAY PLAY by J Hus ft Burna Boy

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The post has been liked over 8,000 times as of this writing. In the comments section, some fans raved over the at-home workout demonstration.

“@krissycela love this!! Such a good idea for a home workout,” one fan wrote before adding applause and heart emoji to their comment.

One fan implied that they were so impressed by Krissy that they sometimes forget that she’s human.

“The bottom of your socks are the only thing reminding me you are human,” they wrote. “Always perfect!”

A third supporter thanked Krissy for helping them cope with their coronavirus-induced quarantine with her home workout videos.

“Thank you!! These sofa workouts are my fave while I am quarantined in NYC,” they wrote. “I’ve tried other workouts but keep coming back to your first sofa one!! Thank you for making another!!!”