Lauren Simpson Rocks Gray Sports Bra And Matching Shorts For Full-Body Workout At Home

Lauren Simpson snaps a selfie
Lauren Simpson / Instagram

Australian fitness model Lauren Simpson shared a full-body home workout routine in the latest video series on her Instagram page. In the shared clips, the blond bombshell used a resistance band for most of the circuit.

Dressed in a gray sports bra and matching shorts, she started the workout with a series of glute bridges. For this exercise, she placed each end of the exercise band under the soles of her feet and pulled the middle of it up onto her pelvis. Laying face-up on the ground, she raised her hips stretching the band in the process. She paused for a couple of seconds at the top of the move and then lowered her pelvis. In her caption, Lauren informed fans that she squeezed her glutes all through the exercise.

In the second clip, Lauren tackled a set of deadlifts into rows. With one end of the exercise band under her feet and there in both of her hands, she bent forward and pulled the band upward for the row. Although she demonstrated the exercise with a band, Lauren said that they could also be done with dumbells.

The third clip saw her perform a set of Good Mornings into squats. She kept the band under her feet once more but placed the other end of it around her neck. Lauren bent forward at the waist for the Good Morning and then bent her knees until her thighs were parallel to the floor for the squat.

Upright rows into overhead presses came next which required Lauren to pull the exercise band up to her shoulders and then push it over her head to complete one repetition.

And finally, she ended the circuit with a set of bicep curls.

In the caption, Lauren gave fans an update about her health since she had emergency surgery on her bowel a couple of weeks ago. Lauren said that she was feeling much better but admitted to being a bit stiff during the exercise routine.

The post has been liked close to 10,000 times as of this writing and more than 220 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In the comments section, fans assured Lauren that she looked great for someone who recently had abdominal surgery.

“I think you’re adorable, and I really admire your strength,” one fan wrote. “Your content is safe, doable and knowledgeable. You look incredible too! (Now and before your surgery) Stay strong.”

“Looking lovely and refreshed as usual,” another person added. “Slowly is better than not at all. Keep going.”

“I’m amazing you are able to do so much post-surgery! Inspiring to see,” a third commenter gushed.

“So good to see you working out and back in your element,” a fourth fan wrote before adding a heart-eye and red heart emoji to their comment.

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FULL BODY WORKOUT – RESISTANCE BAND???????? – Need a HOME workout program? My new 8 week BOSS BABES challenge gives you both HOME & GYM option. ???????????? Link in my bio to get started: @LAURENSIMPSON ???????? – – It feels amazing to be moving my body again. I am still very stiff as you can probably visually see and my form is a little compromised…so with all my workouts I’m focusing on posture awareness, slow and controlled movement and opening up my hips and thoracic. – I do a full stretching routine prior to my mini workouts (I just did 1 round of this full body circuit). Not sure if my stretching routine would be of interest but I can film that to post up if so…lemme know. – All you need is a long resistance band. The stronger the band the harder this will be! – ????GLUTE BRIDGE with pause. I am focusing on squeezing my glutes the entire rep. As I lift my hips from the ground & then to the top of the movement. I love paused reps for glutes to reinforce mind muscle connection. ????DEADLIFT TO ROW. Lower and upper body combo! Focus on hip hinge movement with a row at the peak hamstring contraction. This exercise can be done also with dumbbells. ????GOOD MORNING TO SQUAT. ????UPRIGHT ROW TO PRESS. This one targets your shoulders! ????BICEP CURL. – ????15 reps each exercise for 3-4 rounds. – Outfit: @ryderwear COLLIDE collection. I wear a S sports bra & XS shorts. Everyone has been asking about these sets on my stories! Super popular!!!! ⚡️ (LAUREN10)

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