Jill Duggar Compares The Coronavirus Outbreak To Life On The Mission Field & Asks For Netflix Recommendations

Jill shared a blog post that included some ideas for 'Quarantine Date Nights.'

Jill Duggar takes a selfie.
Jill Dillard / Instagram

Jill shared a blog post that included some ideas for 'Quarantine Date Nights.'

Jill Duggar is making sure that her fans don’t neglect their relationships while they’re holed up at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

On Thursday, Jill took to Instagram to announce that she had published a new blog post on the Dillard Family website. The former Counting On star teased that it would provide her fans with a few ideas for “Quarantine Date Nights.”

In the post, Jill remarked that life during the coronavirus pandemic reminds her of her experience doing mission work. A few years ago, Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, spent a few months on a mission in Central America.

“The ongoing coronavirus situation kind of reminds us of our former life on the international mission field when the country we were in was pretty volatile,” Jill wrote.

She pointed out that the only way she and Derick could keep in contact with their family members was via video chat, which is similar to the way everyone is staying in touch now. She also revealed that many of her dates with Derick took place at home, where they listened to podcasts and munched on cookies after their oldest son, Israel, was asleep. However, the couple did occasionally go out and grab a bite to eat at the nearest Subway sandwich shop.

Listening to podcasts was on Jill’s list of quarantine date ideas. She also recommended taking relationship questionnaires, going for walks, fishing, and getting takeout to support local restaurants that might be losing business. She also advised her fans to make sure that they keep up with their couple’s therapy sessions online.

Jill’s list of date night ideas didn’t include watching Netflix. However, in her Instagram post, she asked her fans to recommend shows and movies for her and Derick to check out on the streaming platform.

Call the Midwife, Tiger King, Heartland, The Crown, Jane the Virgin, and Anne with an E were popular responses to her request. A few fans also expressed surprise that Jill has Netflix after growing up in a home where she had restricted access to television and the internet.

“You watch television?!?!? Omg!!!” read one response to her post.

“Everyone getting excited because you’ve got Netflix, which btw will help with your sanity and lockdown, I wish you every happiness in the future, I hopefully think you’re realising there’s a life out there,” another fan wrote.

In her blog post, Jill admitted that stress levels have been high at her own home, but she advised couples not to let negative feelings get out of control.

“Couples everywhere can get creative, deepen their connection with each other, and grow closer during this time rather than succumbing to the strains that are undeniably present,” Jill wrote.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jill’s husband has joked that he believes that the coronavirus outbreak will cause a baby boom, and he’s teased that Jill might already be pregnant.