Issa Vegas Flaunts Her Backside In A Red Swimsuit And Wows Fans By Interacting With ‘Tom And Jerry’ Cartoon

Issa used her TV and a classic cartoon to make her latest social media upload extra-entertaining.

Issa Vegas takes a selfie.
Issa Vegas / Instagram

Issa used her TV and a classic cartoon to make her latest social media upload extra-entertaining.

Social media sensation Issa Vegas showed off her curvy derriere and entertained her fans by tormenting Tom the Tomcat.

On Saturday, the blond bombshell took to Instagram to share a creative and fun video with her fans. For her performance, Issa rocked a red bathing suit. Her vibrant one-piece featured a thong back that put her pert posterior on full display. The Argentinian fitness trainer was also flaunting her powerful, shapely thighs, tiny waist, and washboard stomach. She was wearing her long, blond hair down and straight.

Issa was filmed from behind in her living room. She was standing beside a large flat-screen television that was mounted on her wall. The model was staring intently at the TV as an episode of the classic animated series Tom and Jerry played.

An exhausted-looking Tom the cat was about to start lapping up some milk from a dish when Issa placed her hand on the side of the bowl. As she moved her hand across the TV screen, the dish appeared to follow. While a stunned Tom rubbed his eyes, Issa made it look like she moved the milk back to its original position.

As Tom prepared to make an another attempt at getting a drink, Issa brought a red straw up to her lips. She aimed the straw at the animated bowl and pretended like she was sucking on it. As she did this, the milk slowly disappeared as if it was being slurped up.

A shocked Tom picked up the now-empty bowl. Issa then puffed her cheeks out and mimicked blowing into the straw. As she did this, Tom got sprayed in the face by the magically reappearing milk.

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Jugando con Tom esta cuarentena ????????

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As of this writing, Issa’s video has received over 100,000 likes and 2,500 comments.

“She looks bomb doing it,” read one response to her post.

“Excellent work,” another admirer wrote.

“Magic trick or what,” a third fan asked.

To make it look like she was interacting with Tom, Issa was using an episode of Tom and Jerry titled “The Invisible Mouse.” In the episode, Jerry becomes invisible, making it possible for him to hide in plain sight and endlessly harass his feline nemesis. According to Bored Panda, a video of a Chinese father using the same cartoon to amuse his young daughter went viral a few months ago.

However, Issa doesn’t need to replicate viral videos to impress her Instagram followers. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, her fans had an equally enthusiastic response to a photo of the model rocking Daisy Dukes and a crop top.