Mario Lopez & Mark Wahlberg Slammed For A Joint Gym Workout After They Urged Fans To Stay Home

Mark Wahlberg and Mario Lopez are two of many celebrities who have issued a call-to-action to their millions of fans to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic. However, when Lopez shared a video to his Instagram of the two men in a joint workout at a local gym, they were heavily criticized as being hypocritical by leaving their homes despite telling people to self-isolate, reports Page Six.

In the video shared by the Access Hollywood host, he is seen filming himself selfie-style while Wahlberg runs around in the background. Lopez clarifies that the two of them have the gym to themselves and that it has been thoroughly disinfected and sanitized. He is also seen wearing a pair of gloves.

"I think now more than ever since we don't know when this is going to end, we need to stay active, not just for your physical health but for your mental health."
While many fans appreciated the workout video because it inspired them to get moving from the comfort of their living rooms, a large number of social media users criticized the pair for leaving home to go to a gym. Lopez said explicitly that the workouts they were doing required no equipment, so people were wondering why they needed to go out.

A lot of commenters were angry that the two actors were blatantly ignoring California's stay-at-home order and even accused them of using their fame to get special permission to go out.

"Teach people from your own homes. Stay at home for real," wrote one person in the comments section of Lopez's video.

"Stay at home! You are all over the city," commented a second user.

"How is it open? It's not essential! How is it fair that ya'll can go to a gym to work out but us normal folks can't?" questioned a third commenter.

Other people just wished that Lopez and the Spenser Confidential actor had actually shown their workout routine rather than just talking about it.

"Yo Mario!! Where do I find this great 45 min workout I can do at home??? Post a link!!" exclaimed a fourth fan.

Page Six reports that even though he received backlash, Lopez continued to emphasize the importance of self-quarantining to his 1.6 million followers in a follow-up Instagram story posted on Friday.

Wahlberg has also shared tons of videos and photographs of himself spending time with his family and doing workouts from home. Both men have been trying to motivate people to stay positive and keep themselves occupied during these trying times.