WWE Rumors: Braun Strowman Reportedly Apologizes For Lashing Out At Wrestlers Affected By Coronavirus

Braun Strowman poses for the WWE Universe
Lukas Schulze / Getty Images

Braun Strowman caused a stir in the wrestling industry last weekend after criticizing wrestlers who are currently struggling to make ends meet during the coronavirus pandemic. While WWE and AEW are still putting on shows, most independent promotions have suspended activities for the foreseeable future, which has resulted in many wrestlers losing their main source of income. Strowman essentially told those wrestlers to find another way to support themselves, which led to a lot of negative feedback for “The Monster Among Men.”

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of WrestlingNews.co, Strowman now regrets his words. The report states that some of his colleagues pulled him aside to explain why his comments were upsetting, which prompted him to delete them from his social media accounts.

The incident started after All Elite Wrestling superstar Evil Uno encouraged fans to buy independent wrestlers’ merchandise and subscribe to their Patreon accounts if they could, as there is no telling when they’ll be able to return to work. Strowman took umbrage with this sentiment, however, and took to Instagram to rant.

“Here we go with more of the somebody pay for my bills stuff. If you can’t afford to pay your bills maybe you should change professions. That’s why I quit strongman. I loved it but I couldn’t afford to live so instead of making a go fund me or a patreon wanting someone else to take care of me I went out and worked harder than I ever have in my life to get to where I am. What happened to being accountable for your own actions.”

It is unknown if Strowman has reached out to Evil Uno to apologize at the time of this writing, but the fact he deleted his comments suggests that he now believes that he was in the wrong. As documented by Wrestling Inc, Strowman also admitted that he was trying to “trigger” other wrestlers and fans because he was bored during social isolation, so it’s possible that he was just trying to get a rise out of people and it went too far.

During his social media tirade, Strowman revealed that he also isn’t being paid at the moment because he’s an independent contractor. Since he hasn’t been working as a result of the pandemic, he isn’t entitled to any income per the agreement on his WWE contract. Of course, it’s highly likely that Strowman is more financially comfortable than most independent wrestlers, given that he’s one of WWE’s biggest stars.