March 29, 2020
Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Has Recovered From Coronavirus Two Weeks After Diagnosis

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has made a full recovery two weeks after being diagnosed with the coronavirus, telling supporters on Saturday that she had received the "all clear" from physicians.

The Canadian First Lady took to Facebook late on Saturday to write that she was feeling much better and had been cleared by her physician and Ottawa Public Health. As the CBC reported, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote a message in French thanking those who supported her after the diagnosis and the 14-day quarantine she faced afterward.

"From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to everyone who reached out to me with their well wishes. And to everyone who is suffering right now, I send you all my love," she wrote, via the CBC.

"These are challenging times. I know it's not easy to be alone we are all social beings, me included! But just because we're increasing the physical distance between us doesn't mean we have to do the same emotionally."
Though her 14-day quarantine ended on Friday, Justin Trudeau had announced earlier on Saturday that the family planned to continue staying at home. Justin had remained in self-isolation since Sophie's positive test, in what the CBC said was an effort to prevent the virus from spreading to top Canadian cabinet members and other high-ranking officials. During that time, he conducted government meetings by phone and took care of the couple's three children.

As Fox News reported, Sophie Trudeau was believed to have contracted the virus during a trip to the United Kingdom in the first week in March. During that trip, she posed for a photo with actor Idris Elba at a WE Day Charity event in London. The actor would later also test positive for COVID-19.

A number of other British leaders -- including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles -- have since tested positive as well, with the United Kingdom seeing a surge in cases of COVID-19.

Canada has been spared the rapid outbreak taking place in the United States but still has instituted a number of measures meant to slow the spread of the virus. Justin Trudeau had announced that the country would be closing its border to all non-essential travel, working out a deal with the United States government to put a halt to all tourism and recreational travel.

Canada has seen more than 5,600 reported cases of coronavirus through the end of Saturday and 60 deaths.