Russian Bombshell Dasha Mart Flips A Toilet Paper Roll On Her Pert Posterior For Silly Challenge

Russian model Dasha Mart used a roll of toilet paper to entertain her fans, and they were seriously impressed with her creativity and skill.

On Saturday, the social media sensation took to Instagram to share her take on the toilet paper challenge with her 1.8 million followers. According to The New York Times, some professional athletes have been using the scarce bathroom staple to create content for their social media pages. They’ve juggled toilet paper rolls with their feet like soccer balls and bounced them on tennis rackets. However, Dasha decided to do something a bit different with the precious paper. She tried to start her own viral challenge by balancing a roll of toilet paper on her backside and trying to flip it over without it falling off.

For the challenge, Dasha rocked an athletic ensemble that included a tiny white crop top with a low-cut, square neckline that put her ample cleavage on full display. Her bottoms were a pair of bright pink leggings that were so tight that they almost looked painted on.

Dasha was only shown from the chest down. She was facing the camera at the beginning of the video, and she had a roll of toilet paper in her right hand. She turned to the side, which provided her fans with a view of her peachy derriere. Dasha then bent over and reached back to place the toilet roll on the small of her back. The model popped her backside up so that the toilet paper roll flew up into the air. It flipped over and landed on her posterior, where it precariously wobbled back and forth a few times.

Dasha applauded her own performance by sticking her hands back between her shapely thighs so that her viewers could see her clapping.

According to Dasha, mastering the toilet paper flip was no easy feat. One of her Instagram followers asked her how long she had to practice before she was able to perform the silly stunt, and she revealed that it took her two hours to create the video that delighted them so.

“Now that’s a challenge I can get behind,” read one response to her video.

“You are very skilled with toilet paper, precious,” another fan wrote.

“Now that is talent!” a third admirer remarked.

“Best challenge yet. Tired of the push up challenge lol,” a fourth comment read.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Dasha’s followers also had plenty to say about the lingerie photo that she shared early this week. She accessorized her lacy bra and underwear set with a black protective face mask.