Chris Cuomo: Donald Trump Is 'OK' With Elderly 'Dying Off To Make The Economy Come Back Sooner'

The coronavirus pandemic has been ravaging the U.S. for quite some time, but President Donald Trump only recently decided to undertake aggressive measures to stop the spread of the virus. Trump appears to be changing course once again, however, given that he is now arguing that the economy needs to be reopened by Easter.

According to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, both the president and his allies know that resuming normal activity too soon could jeopardize vulnerable populations, and they simply don't care. Per The Washington Examiner, in a scathing monologue during a Saturday broadcast of his show, Cuomo argued that Trump is content with allowing the elderly to die in order to save the economy.

"We have the most cases in the world. Why? Because we have a big population, there's lots of density in places, and we have major foreign travel hubs. But also because we've done the least to stop the spread," Cuomo began, arguing that "in large part" Trump is to blame for the intensity of the coronavirus outbreak in the country, given that he initially downplayed the severity of the pandemic and is now "not doing enough" to stop it.

"The president should say himself what his fringe friends are saying. Have you heard it?" Cuomo asked.

"They're OK with a certain number of the frail and the greatest generation dying off to make the economy come back sooner."
"Just say it. Because they're saying it for you, and your actions show the same inclination," the anchor added. As The Washington Examiner notes, although some suggest that Trump is mishandling the crisis, reports indicate that China -- where the virus is thought to have originated -- has been misleading international institutions and "minimizing the severity of the outbreak."

Furthermore, according to the publication, intelligence officials reportedly warned Trump about the possibility of the coronavirus reaching the U.S. as early as January.

Although some in the media and prominent Democratic Party figures have been critical of Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic, the public appears to disagree. According to latest Gallup polling released earlier this week, 60 percent of Americans believe the president is handling the crisis well.

The pandemic has apparently increased Trump's overall approval rating as well, which is now matching the highest rating of his presidency. According to the poll, 49 percent of Americans approve of the job Trump is doing as president. Interestingly, Trump's approval rating has not changed much among Republicans, but it appears to have gone up among Democrats and independent voters.

As Salon reported, scientific modeling shows that reopening the economy by Easter would likely result in around 123 million people contracting the virus and 1.2 million dying from complications associated with it.