Valentina Lequeux Rocks White Thong Bikini For At-Home Leg Workout

Valentina Lequeux snaps a selfie
Valentina Lequeux / Instagram

Argentinian fitness model Valentina Lequeux focused on training her legs in the most recent video series on her Instagram page. and looked great while doing so.

Dressed in a white thong bikini with a green resistance band wrapped around her knees, the buff bombshell started the workout with a set of curtsy lunges. The exercise required her to take a large diagonal step backward before she bent both knees and lowered her body. She then repeated the move on the other side.

Next, she moved on to doing Bulgarian split squats which meant that she had to place one foot on a chair behind her before she bent her front knee.

In the following video, Valentina introduced a new resistance band to the workout which was much longer than the first. She wrapped one end of it around the soles of her feet and then pulled the other up onto her pelvis. There was also a much shorter band placed above her knees. Valentina lifted her hips upward stretching the band as she did so. After completing each hip thrust, she spread her knees and close them a couple of times, a move that’s called an abduction.

She tackled a set of single-leg hip thrusts next and added an abduction to that exercise as well. This was very similar to the combo she performed in the previous video except that she did the hip thrusts with one leg extended in front of her.

Frog pumps with abductions came next and for this move, Valentina placed the soles of her feet together and kept her knees spread. With her legs lifted up onto a chair and her back against the floor, she raised her hips upward and then open and closed her knees. Valentina did all of this with a short resistance band wrapped around her mid-thigh area.

In the final video of the series, Valentina’s extra-long resistance band returned and she placed one end of it around her neck and the other beneath the sole of one of her feet. With her back foot resting against a chair, she performed a Bulgarian split squat and then bent her torso forward for a single-leg deadlift.

The post has been liked more than 25,000 times as of this writing and close to 350 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments section, Valentina’s fans expressed gratitude for the at-home workout demonstration.

“Thank you so so s much for sharing these workouts with us!” one person wrote.

Others called her their fitness inspiration.

“Goals!!! Always watch your videos for fitness motivation!!!!” a second Instagram user added.

“I love you! I’m a trainer and you’re one of the first accounts I’ve been completely mesmerized by! So thank you,” a third supporter gushed.

“Absolutely brilliant combination. Respect for your posts,” a fourth remarked.

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