Justin Bieber Attempted To Chat Up Supermodel With Offensive Line

Justin Bieber attempted to chat up a British supermodel last November, who rejected his advances. However she did admit that he got lucky with more than one model at the event, all of which lead to his split from Selena Gomez.

British model Jourdan Dunn confirmed Bieber’s actions, telling a British talk show, “He said to me, ‘You’re really cute. You got nice t***! You flashed to me and my dances and made my day’.”

Dunn wasn’t impressed with Bieber’s words though, saying that his words made her skin crawl. Bieber had watched Dunn strut her stuff at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last November, and only weeks later rumors started to emerge that the teenager pop star had been cheating on his then girlfriend, Gomez.

These revelations cap off a bad week for Bieber, who days ago had his pet monkey seized from a German airport because he had failed to fill in the correct forms.

An insider revealed, “Justin has been acting like a right diva. He is out of control and lives in an alternative reality to the rest of us. He didn’t think about the potential risks of flying a monkey from one continent to another. He and Mally go everywhere together. He will be heartbroken if it has been put in quarantine.”

Bieber will not have to pay a fine of more than $15,00 because of his actions. Several other negative headlines have surrounded the singer too, all of which has had his mother worried about him.

Regarding a recent spat with his neighbor, she stated, “You know, it’s crazy, sometimes I learn things on the Internet just the same as everybody else. And that was the story, yeah. I think him being 19, you know, I just gotta let go a little and let him make some of his decisions.”

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