Stassie Karanikolaou Gets Naked Between The Sheets: 'I Want In N Out'

Stassie Karanikolaou showed up on an Instagram update in which she appeared to be naked. She was covered with a white comforter in the two-part social media post, adhering to Instagram's standards and practices policy regarding nudity on the platform.

Still, Kylie Jenner's 22-year-old buddy made a remark in her caption that could be construed as racy. However, her comment that she wanted to have "In N Out" probably referred to ordering a burger from the popular fast food joint. Or, perhaps Stassie said what she did while trying to pull off a clever double entendre. Whatever the case regarding her caption, Kylie quickly agreed with her friend in the comments section of the post.

So did a number of other Instagram followers. Stassie's naked update earned the unclothed stunner's account plenty of attention. Within two hours of going live, her post received more than 308,000 likes and over 1,500 comments.

Upon seeing the star, her bare shoulders, and the top of her torso, her followers were quick to offer their thoughts.

"Double double protein style w animal fries extra spread," said one fan, who was talking about a not-so-secret menu item served at In-N-Out.

"Why haven't I had it during quarantine," a second Instagram user inquired.

Other fans talked about Stassie and not the food.

"I want [Stassie] right now," remarked a third admirer, who added two red hearts and a couple of heart-eye face emoji.

"How many women you know can post a pic weeks into quarantine???" asked a fourth follower.

In both of the pics, Stassie was rocking a high ponytail with her dark blond hair pulled straight back from her face. She wore a good amount of makeup for the shot. Applications included darkened and groomed eyebrows, smoky eyeshadow, black mascara, a bit of blush, some contouring, and a swipe of pale pink lipstick.

Her nails, which had been painted bright pink, nearly matched her pout. Despite all the beautification, the model still looked a bit shiny, possibly due to the way she was lit.

In general, Stassie posts many provocative photos on her Instagram account. Last month, she uploaded a daring picture of herself while admitting in the caption that she was hungover, according to The Inquisitr.

In the photo, she held a cocktail glass in her hand as she looked directly into the camera's lens. The social media influencer rocked an insanely sexy dress for the shot that was skintight, showing off her bodacious booty for all the world to ogle.