‘Harry Potter’ Stars Tom Felton & Jason Isaacs Have A Malfoy Family Reunion While In Quarantine

Actor Tom Felton arrives at the Premiere of 20th Century Fox's 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes'
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs, who played the father-and-son duo Draco and Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise, reunited recently during a video chat, reports People Magazine.

Isaacs and Felton were both practicing social distancing amid the current coronavirus pandemic and decided to get in touch and have a mini-Malfoy family reunion. Isaacs then shared their conversation on his Instagram so fans could see the two of them chatting.

Isaacs got on the phone call from inside his house while Felton was basking in the sunlight while sitting in the garden of his Los Angeles home. The beginning of the video was a little rough since Felton couldn’t seem to figure out how to turn his camera on and then moved it around quite a bit before getting settled. Isaac’s playfully poked fun at the other actor.

Both men talked about how scary things are at the moment, but Isaacs remained positive, adding that he is grateful for having a place to live, food to eat, and money to support himself.

The former Harry Potter stars also bonded over Netflix’s latest Tiger King docuseries, which has taken the internet by storm over the past week. Felton even shared a story revealing he had briefly encountered the infamous Joe Exotic while filming a movie.

He said while on a cross-country trip, they stopped in Oklahoma and filmed in a bar which Joe happened to own. Felton described him as “this nutter who walked in with the full-on mullet and the hat and a gun, two guns.”

He continued, “And lo and behold, two years later, he’s got a documentary on Netflix.”

Felton called it a “very strange coincidence.”

Fans loved seeing the two actors chatting with one another again — the video earned over 142,200 views and more than 1,700 comments. People loved seeing the two of them together, and hundreds of users commented to let the two actors know how much joy their conversation and shared video had brought them while stuck in quarantine.

“LOL thanks Malfoy’s!! What a treat,” wrote one fan.

“This made my day! Sending well wishes to you and your family,” said another user. They added a green heart and a snake emoji to represent their Slytherin love in the comment.

“Did he just say ‘hold on dad’ at one point?!? Because if he did how freaking crazy wonderful is that!” exclaimed a third person.

Last December, Felton shared an adorable photo of himself alongside several other Harry Potter stars.